Samurai vs Oni by neilbruce

Samurai vs Oni

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 13, 2004
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Oils on board

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kurt-zibling's picture

Excellent work, Mr Bruce!

You have created the spirit of Samurai legend here, where every lonely place
was guarderd by ghosts and kami...You have take the viewer to that mindset.
The artwork also is clean and concise, the fine colours and authentic feel
set the piece of a treat. While most people are tempted to go into flights
of fancy with this subject matter, you give it a definite authority.

Even a work that shows fantasy matter, it has a lucid aspect.

A wonderful creation.

neilbruce's picture

Thank you very much for your kind praise. I must confess I didn’t have any particular event in mind with the Masamune painting, whereas the Naomasa painting depicts his charge at Sekigahara and the Masanori one is supposed to be after he took the head of Haigo Gozaemon at the battle of Shizugatake.
But your description for Masamune’s charge is perfect, I hope you don’t mind if I use it hehe.

Once again many thanks for your comment, I hope you’ll continue to visit the site and enjoy the new works I have planned.

All the best


Guest's picture

Once again an incredible piece of art. I've seen your website and so far all your art is impressive. I particularly like the Samurai art such as 'Masanori's Trophy' and the picture of Naomasa Yi. 'Masamune's Charge' is also excellent. Masamune's charge has to do with his charge after the retreating Ashina right?

neilbruce's picture

No need to apoligise thanks for stopping by again Marley.

thrax-1's picture

My apoligies, i just realized i called you by your second name -,-*. Sorry about that, not intentional!.

thrax-1's picture

Heya bruce, another fine effort here, again mention goes to the detail of their costumes, very nice and clean!. Perhaps as a lil crit. Do you think their swords are slightly short?. Perhaps i have seen to much games were swords are getting increasingly longer and wider Tongue. hehe, regardless, a fine addition to your gallery ^^.

Art at its best.