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Added: Jun 26, 2004
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This is an UnchaineD (a comic I’m working on) related picture. It’s a metaphorical image; this two guys are, as a matter of fact, the same person: the demon on the left is the appearance the cherub on the right, Araqiel, took when he fell from heaven. I tried to depict the conflict between the beliefs that sustained the angel and the ones that rule the demon’s existance: Araqiel’s choice to left heaven was born from doubt, weariness and disgust; he loathes and will never accept what he was in heaven--- in a sense all his actions, until the very end, are an attempt to "redeem" himself from all the millennia spent as an angel. Mixed tecnique: watercolour, coloured pencils, oil

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Thanks a lot Smile I'm trying to improve my skills at drawing faces... I know I'm a little too "mangaish" and I'm trying to get a more realistic style... let's hope I will get better ^_^

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The faces need a little work, but the movement is impeckable. The featherd wings are a little thing but damn they still look cool. The swirling magic is great. I aplaude your work and give it an 8.5 out of 10. Yeah I'm a basturd. deal with it.

Art at its best.