Digital Dolphins by torleon

Digital Dolphins

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 03, 2004
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Hector`s Dolphins, endangered, and perhaps in a few years time, only existing in digital worlds.We are speedily loosing all that make our planet so beautiful.

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Please call . regarding the use of the digital dolphin

warren 678 776 9399

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Wow. What a unique piece, I love it!

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it would be very sad to lose such beautiful creatures. ~ ashley

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this is really, really, really, ext. good... i love it. no one can do as good as you. i think every one will tell you that. nina

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Wonderful piece. To me hector's dolphins look like mini orca whales but they are beautiful. it's true that they are endangered, as is many other animals and mammals on this planet. i love the way you done it in digital becos it gives it more of an "umph" anyways wonderful piece! it really is different and stunning.

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Thank you for your thoughts on this, much appreciated. I paint what I feel passionate about, but feel frusrared that the inevitable will surely happen, self interest and greed will
almost certainly prove our undoing, don`t you think ?
However, as a battered, but not down optomist, maybe, just maybe humanity can reach a new level of awareness before it `s too late.

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Many thanks for taking the time to comment.
Sadly, I am of a view that humanity will not stop the process of irradication until it is too late. We, as a species seem incapable of controlling our more base instincts, but, if more people become aware, who knows ?

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hectors are a beautifull dolphin, i have been fortunate to see them, there are unfortunately a few uneccessary casulties to fishing boats around nz (not the only species i might add), i get real flustered when that happens. Yes as often the case we just don't realise what we have until we loose it. This is a really stunning painting btw Brian. Using beautifull blues. Love how you painted the planet reminds me of some classic cartoons i used to watch by the technique for the clouds. I am very passionate about the subject as you see, so i really appreciate this piece just that extra more

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Beautiful work. what really frightens me though, is after we've eradicated all other forms of life on this planet, humanity will only have itself to feed off of.

Art at its best.