Talaris and Scales by goblinfiesta

Talaris and Scales

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 03, 2004
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On a lighter vein--I did this on a whim--an Elf warrior with her pet dragon--who is still an awkward 'baby'. Had fun designing her outfit and giving her masses of auburn hair! This time, I did the background in more of a wash--very unlike my usual detailed pieces.

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Oh. By far, this is my favorite picture. Absolutely perfect. The colors all mix well, and when I saw it, I had a whole story going through my mind(which happens quite often with magnificent pieces like this). VERY AMAZING. My mouth dropped open, and i'm not just saying that.

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Wow! Lovely, lovely picture, and when I saw it, I thought the thought above, It's Smina, older. Smina is a rping character of mine, and has a mass of wavy, reddish hair like that, wears that colour of clothing (dress to be more correct), has a bow and arrow, no pet dragon mind, but a sword instead. Hehe. I love it! It really is splendid!

-Lizzie (a member of the site, incase you wanted to know, though I have no pictures...man, I blabble on and on!)

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hey, i love this peice. My stuff doesn't even scratch this. all your work has beautiful details, and the dragon is SO...cool, otherwise beyond words.

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Cool dragon, but the lady's boobs seem alittle droopy. lol! Otherwise, Awsome.^^

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Jade, wow, another eye-catcher. I love her -- costume, hair, face...
But do also like the background! It takes more attention to the Elf warrior. Like to see more in this style.

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Thanks for the kind words. I checked out your gallery, too. Love the piece titled 'Looking for Gnomes'. Keep up the wonderful work! Regarding the tails--I didn't set out to make them look like squirrel tails at all, but some mythical animal. I'll leave it to the eye of the beholder to see what the tails are made of :-)Take care!

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I feel honored to be here--'rubbing elbows' with an artist of your caliber! I saw your gallery--and of course, love your work. Thanks!

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I like all the detail in her costume- are those squirrel tails on her bow? Nice style/technique you have Smile

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Nice to see you got a gallery! Now I can finally see these pictures a bit larger.

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Thanks for the kind words, Patrick. I saw your works, also, and they're really wonderful!

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Wonderful details. I think the washes you mention in the background really work to offset the characters and really adds balance to the piece. I patricularly like all the details on the figure, her hair and the swirls on her dress.

Art at its best.