Duke Artillery Recon Drone (for the Battletech-Universe) by hypernaut

Duke Artillery Recon Drone (for the Battletech-Universe)

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Added: Jul 12, 2004
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Modelled in Rhino3D, Rendered in Penguin, Composition in CorelDraw

This is a Model for a Recon Drone (for the Battletech-Universe). It is used remotely by a Artillery-mounted tank, to get target-designation. They are carried by the tank in launching-hangar-tube as shown in the sequence. As for this they must be quite compact.
I got a little carried away especially with the rear - I got sure the hydraulics-cylinders at the back-turbines fit really in, in a mechanical way (was quit a pain in the a**, to always adjust them accurately for the "animation"-sequences Smile. Actually this little flyer is supposed to be only a little addon, but the main design is the above mentioned artillery-tank.
Unfortunately I lost the original model in a HDD-crash *snief*, so I have to remodel the whole thing :*-(

It's part of a Fan-Project (with official permission) which will release a Tech-Level 3 Readout at the end of the year.
For more infos visit: Clanwatch: Official Source for the Classic Battletech
Rules Level 3 Technical Readout

Big picture, cuz of all the details, but I hope u judge the time waiting for the loading worth it ;-D ! So long...

as always C&C Welcome

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varian's picture

Nice work, sorry you lost the model. This is a great presentation.

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feasiby what year could the human race produce your duke cool to fully reveal this machines potential

Art at its best.