Tempestuous by varian


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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 20, 2004
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This was a product of playing with complementary color tones. Attempting to generate a certain sense of anticipatory excitement, the kind of energetic feeling that is hard to hold back.
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varian's picture

Parrish is one of my heroes. Thanks, Guest. Smile

Guest's picture

Reminds me of Maxfield Parrish.
Very nice!

varian's picture

Ah, thanks so much, Victor. I'm glad you came by. Smile

gilgamesh's picture

I love the colours, the sky, and drapery.
Lovely work all of it, bravo.

varian's picture

Thank you, Guest. Smile

Guest's picture

I love the colors in this. It's very beautiful. Nice job!

varian's picture

It's a fact that I've never met a color I didn't like. *grin* I'm pleased you enjoy them too, J.P.; thanks very much. Smile

vengince's picture

excellent play on colors here like all of your pieces, hope to see more.

varian's picture

Thanks very much, Gobby. Smile

gobby's picture

good job.i like it.

varian's picture

Thank you so much, Holger! I tried to put myself in his place, feel what he is feeling, and that's how the pose came about.

mangalore's picture

I'm not much into angels but you managed his pose amazingly to a very dramatic effect. nice colours as well!

varian's picture

I'm happy you like it, Jessica. Thanks for the kind comment. Smile

joshuajmarsh's picture

I think you did a particularly good job on the figure; the lighting is just perfect Smile

varian's picture

What a wonderful (albeit humbling) thought. Thanks, Kajsa! Smile

flingling's picture

This is close to perfection.

varian's picture

Aw, thanks for checking it out, Michael! Smile

Guest's picture

wow what a great feeling this evokes

varian's picture

Much appreciated, Dennis. Smile

detlow's picture

thanks .. I like yours too it have nice colors

varian's picture

Thanks, Uwe! You always find the most encouraging words. Smile

j-art's picture

hi my friend Smile - so good to see you here - this is a wonderful piece - the pose is so beautiful and yes, the colors of this work are perfect, they add a very dramatic feeling to it - a really fabulous piece of art!!!!!!!!!!!

varian's picture

Thanks very much for the comment, Marley. Smile

thrax-1's picture

Very nicely done varian. I like the clash of warm and cold for the sky. Its like the angel is embracing a sudden change that is coming, a very interesting piece!!.

varian's picture

I'm glad you like it, Titta, and thanks for all your inspiration. Smile

titta's picture

Color tones! Yes, they are fantastic! And the atmosphere - I can feel it. You have such a gentle touch to your subject. Beautiful! Smile

varian's picture

I appreciate the kind words from such an artist as yourself, Michael. Smile

varian's picture

Thank you so much, Carol! Your encouragement is welcome and appreciated. Smile

hythshade's picture

I agree the color tones are excellent. The billowing cloth, and anticipatory expression, is wonderful. Well done.

Guest's picture

Beautiful colors, Varian. I like the water color effect on the wings, and the billowing cloth is great too. Smile DawnStar

Art at its best.