Harmonious by varian


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Added: Jul 25, 2004
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Harmony, a state of internal calm marked by accord in sentiment or action, free from disturbance, agitation or turmoil.

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varian's picture

What a kind comment, Mieka. Thank you. Smile

varian's picture

Well, thanks for sharing that observation, Guest. Smile

Guest's picture

makes me want him to carry me away! very nice colours, very nice proprtions, not one dot too much!

Guest's picture

I love the drawing but the angel sort of looks homosexual not that i have anything against gays they are actually the sweetest ppl!!

varian's picture

I'm glad you enjoyed them, Guest. Thanks for your comments. Smile

Guest's picture

Oh so beautiful. I love all your angels. Very nice work.

varian's picture

You honor me, Paul, thank you! That kind of streamer-thingie is so much fun to do when gravity is not an issue. Smile

butvila's picture

Very cool piece. I like the fabric.

varian's picture

Thanks, Bill! I've always liked the look of watercolors, but they and I never got along. Glad I can get close to that appearance at least. Smile

bcorbett67's picture

It almost looks like watercolor! Great job on this one.

varian's picture

They were fun to make, too...feather-by-feather! Thanks, Michelle! Smile

varian's picture

I really appreciate those thoughts, coming from one who handles light so well. Thanks Mark! Smile

pawtraitart's picture

I love the color transitions in this work. The wings are absolutely incredible!

lockett's picture

Beautiful work, I'm particularly impressed with the lighting on this, very subtle yet luminous. Top quality

varian's picture

Thanks very much, Kajsa. Mixing violet and blue is one of my small pleasures in life. Smile

flingling's picture

How wonderful! The beauty of those colors you have chosen for this painting is unbelievable. I am in awe.

varian's picture

I never could work with real watercolors, but I love the look of them and appreciate the comment, Chris! Smile

christar's picture

This has a "Painterly" watercolor look to it. Excellent job on everything.

varian's picture

Well color me honored, John! I love the elegant work you do and am gratified for your comment, thanks! Smile

jeshannon's picture

Really stunning work and for a digital picture it looks so hand painted !

varian's picture

Sometimes how I want them to go is not how they want to go, lol, but I try to give my angels individual treatment. Thanks for your observation, Erebus. Smile

Guest's picture

This strikes me as quite original, although angels may be a common theme. I think it must be the mood.

varian's picture

Much appreciated, Marley! Now if I could only build such unique locations as you make...well, everyone needs a goal to aim for. Smile

varian's picture

Thanks for the observation, Jeff. Maybe it would. Are you volunteering? *grin*

varian's picture

Thanks James, I'm glad you liked it. Smile

varian's picture

You are balm for the ego, Uwe. Smile

thejeff's picture

beautiful work varian. this would translate well to fresco, don't you think?

thrax-1's picture

Hey varian Laughing out loud. Ya i see your love of feathered wings in this piece. The light cast on your figure looks really good!. I like the tonality of the sky too, I'm personally very fond of purples myself also!. cool piece of art Varian~~Marley

somerset's picture

Such a beautiful painting, Varian! the lighting and colours are gorgeous!

j-art's picture

i can´t tell you how much i love to see more fantasy stuff from you - this one is so breathtakingly beautiful - thank you so much for all your support and your help - thanks for being you my friend!!!!!!!!!

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