Stormwatcher by varian


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Added: Aug 17, 2004
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"If peace be in the heart even the wildest winter storm is full of solemn beauty."
~C.F. Richardson

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varian's picture

That could be a very interesting tatoo, Swordstress. Thanks for dropping by. Smile

varian's picture

Thanks for the comment, Guest. Smile

Guest's picture

Wow very nice I want to get a tatoo of a male warrior archangel with a sword on my back resembling the rock star Sebastian bach perhaps you could draw one hehe Smile Love to see pics of male angels by the way....

Guest's picture

nice.i love the atmosphere.

the only things are the arms and hands look a bit off, and also, the angle of his left wing.

varian's picture

Thanks for sharing those thoughts, Hampus. I appreciate it. Smile

varian's picture

I'm so glad you've enjoyed them, Catharine. Thank you for your kind comments. Smile

quantum's picture

Nicely drawn, the wings are nice too. could be a little less green though. just my thoughts Laughing out loud

goldie1420's picture

I've been looking through your gallery, your angels are so real! This one evokes restrained emotion, a perfect calm before the storm!

(also great to see the male angels!)

varian's picture

Oh, thank you Titta! Smile

titta's picture

What a wonderful light! And again such a beautiful angel Smile

varian's picture

I appreciate the comments, Guest. Thanks! Smile

Guest's picture

This is very lovely. Nice job.

varian's picture

Thanks very much, Daniel! Smile

fogge's picture

Amazing scene and angel! The colors and atmosphere is fantastic.

varian's picture

Gosh, thank you James! You humble me. Smile

varian's picture

Thank you for taking the time to make this comment, Daniel. I'm happy the work has been felt. Smile

somerset's picture

Aw, man, Varian, this is impressive! the stormy sky, the Sun struggling through conveyed brilliantly by the lit up hill-side! you have such a glorious vision! lovely work!

varian's picture

Thank you, Sean! Like you, I try to "capture a moment", hopefully situations and feelings that are common to all, aside from any particular belief. Smile

varian's picture

Wow, very humbling comments, Bill. Thanks so much. Smile

Guest's picture

This is great Varian - it has a real biblical feel to it like the old masters used to capture

bcorbett67's picture

Really nice job Varian. Great atmosphere you've created. I like the texture distinctions between sky, grass and character - keep up the good stuff! Smile

varian's picture

Thanks Holger! The grasses were fun with all their leaves and colors. I'm glad they're enjoyed. Smile

mangalore's picture

strong pose. I esspecially like the texture of the grass/heath. Very nicely done.

varian's picture

Thanks very much, Tom. I appreciate you checking it out. Smile

portalrun's picture

Very nice, excellent emotion in the sky...

varian's picture

I did want the storm in this one to be as much of a "character" as the angel, with a sort of companionship between the two. Your comment makes me feel it was successful. Thanks, Cliff. Smile

Guest's picture

I wanted to congradulate you on your use of colors and placement. Most would make the angle the primary item in this type of painting. Dy placing him right center more focus is paid to the storm and therefore more of the feeling is conveyed. "Cliff Holt"

varian's picture

Much appreciated, Patrick! When I was very young, thunder and lightning scared me. So when a storm was approaching, my dad would take me outside with him, and we'd sit and watch the lightning and listen to the thunder and stayed out until the rain began falling. As he wasn't afraid, so I also came to enjoy watching the shifting clouds and changing light. Smile

megaflow's picture

Very pretty - I think the lighting looks just right for a dark day with a bit of sun peeking through onto the figure. Well done!

varian's picture

Coming from one who knows lighting and color as well as yourself, I really appreciate your comment. Thanks, Scott. Smile

Art at its best.