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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 07, 2004
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This is a newly reworked version of an image I made three years ago. Some things are definitely better the second time around. Smile

Dedicated to Bradley J. Parrish in appreciation of his magnificent and inspiring work.

The canvas is 2000 x 1400 px; the paint is digital.
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Thanks for taking a look!

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varian's picture

Thanks very much, Mario. Smile

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varian's picture

Warm heart and soul...sounds like you, Titta. Thanks for all your encouragement. Smile

titta's picture

You already know how I love him! He's definitely got warm heart and soul Smile

varian's picture

Love your enthusiasm, Guest. Thanks for coming by. Smile

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Oh wow! This is so lovely. You do beautiful work.

varian's picture

You're so welcome and thank you also! As you have said, Michael, persistence and determination can go a long way. This is one I called "finished" a long time ago, but wasn't completely happy with until I pulled it out and worked on it some more and some more and some more...many hours, sweat and tears, ah yes, and worth it all in the end. Smile

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Varian, I think this is one of your best so far. I agree with James this painting definitely shows a lot of soul. Just a beautiful job! Thanks again for all your help my friend your advice definitely kept me going.

varian's picture

Aw thanks, Daniel. Good to see you here. Smile

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Wonderful angel and amazing feathers.

varian's picture

Soul I've got, but the wings get a bit tattered over the years. *grin* I really appreciate your thoughts, James. Thank you. Smile

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Hope this doesn't sound too staid, but those are the best wings I have seen in a long time, Varian! I love images that show a bit of soul, I think there is a slice of you in there, my friend! lovely work!

varian's picture

What an awesome comment. Thanks very much, Patrick! Smile

megaflow's picture

Great textures all around! Everything looks very "alive" in this piece.

varian's picture

Your observations are always much appreciated, Uwe, thanks so much! Smile

varian's picture

I must say, the feathers were the best part from the original version; I changed them very little in this remake. Thank you, Rita! Smile

j-art's picture

sefinately a stunner! - and thanks again for the steps Wink - btw, as rita mentioned - i love those feathers too...

rita's picture

Nice drawing! The feathers look so fluffy Smile

Art at its best.