Shalisa by kyena


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Added: Jul 22, 2004
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Another Photoshop 7/Wacom tablet work. This was actually my first attempt of a more lifelike approach to digital drawing. Some parts I am really happy with and some parts I would just plain redraw from scratch.

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She looks good she looks like thous scary moves that kill pepol ow she wud be better in black but she thous it in your face mening (she looks good)

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Where did the name come from?

Shalissa... that is a Goddess from a Realm in the NWN community. It's called Orb of Abrogation... was the purchasers name KnightMB?... or Michael Brown? by chance?

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You can totally feel it. The way she is looking at you. Kinda kinky look and a grin. You know?

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Many thanks for the compliment Maya Smile

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Intriguing expression on her face... I like.

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She is BEAUTIFUL, I want to look like her. You drew a self portriate of what i wish i looked like!!Smile

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Hello Katharina!
I think it was about a week but since I do work full time it was probably spread over a month of working on it during evenings.

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Oh, I really like the expression of her face. A little bit evil and insidious. It´s mystery and I love it, just as the details. How many time did you spend for this picture?

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Hey Sue - thanks! Smile

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Hey Tash,

Welcome to Epilogue!!!

- Misj

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Thank you very much Smile

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I had a pretty detailed background story from the customer. I normally don't get that in depths description for a commission and it was really really interesting to see how well I could flesh out someone elses thought.
I will add the background story for you to comment on as soon as the customer is back from his vacation and able to send it to me again.

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This was a commission Smile
So many people asked about her background now and I plan to put the background story as I got it from the customer up as soon as he sends it to me again. (Due to moving I lost some of the conversation and e-mails we had).

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i really like the dark shadowy background and the gloomy expression, but im just curious. what inspired the artist to create this gloomy masterpiece.

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Such character in the face, wonderful hair and excellent details throughout.

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I like it very much Natascha. I especially like the expression on her face and the overall mood. A very interesting piece that makes me ponder what the story behind it might be? Nice work Natascha.

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What a cooincidence - I didn't have had the time to brows through a lot of artist's galleries yet but one of the few was yours Michael. Very beautiful and inspiring landscapes and I was wondering if you 3d render your characters or if they are handdrawn. In any case thanks for the encouragement. It's much appreciated. Smile

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Natascha, This is a stunning piece. The mood, and expression are superb. The detail in the dress is excellent. Well done.

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She is beautiful - and beautiful painted !

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Thank you James!
Actually the medium is not new to me (digital with wacom and ps7). The thing I am currently exploring is using different tools in Photoshop. I used to work with the airbrush tool which ended in a very stylized and comic influenced style which I grew sick off. Now I am following the tips and advices of great artists like Socar who adviced me to use the normal hard edge paintbrushes.

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For a first attempt at any kind of medium this is amazing! Natascha, love the moody atmosphere of this one!

Art at its best.