It's my nature.. by kyena

It's my nature..

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Added: Aug 27, 2004
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"First I need
That's what you get for falling in love
Then you bleed
You get a little but it's never enough
On your knees
That's what you get for falling in love
And now this boy's addicted cause your kiss is the drug"

This piece is somewhat autobiographic - I am going through a tough phase in my life and drawing has always been a way of expressing myself. With all the commissions I didn't really have time to draw something for myself. I know - it's not the most original concept but it is somewhat what I wanted to draw to feel better..

No I am not a blood sucking succubus in real life Wink It's metaphoric!

All Photoshop 7

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Wow that is a perty good pic u got ther but life is life i now what it feels like i ben throw there

kyena's picture

Thanks for the compliment and yes - but I would have to repaint it in print resolution.

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i am a wannabe author writing a vampire story. your picture is THE exact description of my vampire. beautiful and lonely yet with a longing for human companionship. if by any chance my story ever gets published, may i have your permission to use this pic as the front cover?

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*grins wickedly* oh how I love a good vampire masterpiece, well done!

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It is only a good thing to feel, because then you know you are still alive and the road towards the light are near. It make us human, and drives us to greatness. Beautiful artwork. Tim

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I think you should draw more for yourself. It turns out better.

I'm sure you're not a blood-sucking succubus. Don't let anyone make you feel like one. ~Emma

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I sometimes think if I wasn't an a artist I'd probably be in a cell somewhere crazed with madness.
Thank goodness for this gift or curse.
Glad you are one of us. Your art is beautiful.

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Your love is like Bad Medicine
Bad Medicine is what I need
Whoooah she gives love just Like Bad Medicine

heh!...great song and a great pic...they go together well

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she looked beautiful...very strong expression on the face--which is great. my favorite part of this art work is her sparkling, eyes that are so beautiful and realistic. Her hair, eyebrow, the whole face are great.

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The picture is really realistic. I love the scent of blood and sad ambience of the picture. It makes you think about human nature and such. Great job!

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I love the sence of power and hatried i got when i saw her. Her presence is very magnetic and mystical. It is truthfully beautiful.

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I love the necklace, the outfit...the whole concept..
She looks so fragile but i bet there's one hell of a predator in there...
Absolutly flawless!!!
My biggest compliments to you.

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Beautiful work... I LOVE her...
...Thank you...
~~~Peace and Love~~~

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This picture is great, but her neck area is too thick and her lips are too big.

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Brilliant work. I must admit you have an unlimited imagination and fetish fantasy. great work

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It is a very powerful image, wonderfully rendered. I'm sure that your are 'not a blood-sucking succubus' in real life. But your are connecting with something archetypal - from the collective - not personal to you, so be careful. Thank you, and good luck. Rob

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it is truly painful and beautiful. very powerful

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I can feel the velvet, smell the blood...

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ruho - I was a keen MtG player and I really wouldn't dare sending them any of my pieces..but thank you very much for the amazing compliment Smile

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I Love your style. If your open to
an Idea have you sent any of your work to
Wizards of the cost? I think your Artwork would be great for there Cardwork art "Magic the Gathering" please try them out as they pay well

Yours Christopher R Armfield (ENG)

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i was touched by ur comments, coz i'm just like u, going through a tough period, i was hurt, and still in pain, and the only way to relief myself is by drawing... i'm not a blood sucking person in real life too ... they are just drawings after all ! i'm sure u r a very sensitive and nice person, Natasha ... i really liked the pic becoz it has feelings and it's very sincere ... waiting for more

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Hm..again, out of words! And the succubus thingie! He he, I know the feeling I think! Love ain't always as easy as it seems from the outside!

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i think this has got to be one of the most beautiful pictures i have seen....i can sense the emotion around it, and let me tell you i think half of my writting would go well with it...your work is great keep it up, i wish i had this on my wall.

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If Looks could kill. That angsty, Pained Gaze upon her rather Velvet tones. You, Are a Fantastic Artist.

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The Poem is actually part of a Bon Jovi song Smile

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Get it out girl! your emotions are creating beautifully painted work, this is excellent! loved the poem too!

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A very solidly rendered piece that is quite striking visually, and very powerful in my opinion. Very nice work Natascha. I hope your painting helped you to feel better. Smile

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Loving all your art! Keep it coming Smile

Art at its best.