The Wax - Dragon by kyena

The Wax - Dragon

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Added: Apr 01, 2006
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In ancient times, Wax - Dragons have been known to humans as sources of great wisdom.

Some of their body parts consist of wax elements and are very weak to physical attack. Thus those parts are covered with a transparent shell (specially the chest area - horns and parts of the head) which is supposed to gain them at least a minor protection against predators and heat.

Due to their great weakness and the fact that they are not meant to fight but rather serve as sources of inspiration and advisors, they have been driven very close to extinction.

It takes a long time until a Dragon of this kind makes friendship with a human being. A symbiosis which is however essential for their survival.
They are creatures of snakelike, delicate appearance and feed only on plants. Their character is very tender and protectful which in terms makes them even more vulnurable and weak.

Once a Wax - Dragon has found a human companion it stays loyal until it's death.

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Beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous!!

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It's so cool!!!

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this is my fave one Smile

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hun, i absolutely ADORE your art work. but i think its only fair to tell you. a few months back, i saw that someone on Gaiaonline had posted your artwork as their own. but anyway.. I love your artwork. Make more ^^

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By far one of the loveliest digital images I've seen in a very long time. Strong yet elegant. Beautiful work.

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Amazing! I love how you combine the soft light with the hard brightness of her eyes. It looks like someone intruded in their private time and she's not happy about!

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Kev Whiting
Your art is very clean, crisp, and I like the way you sorta did that with the female's hair to make her look like she might be anthro. Keep up the good work!

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Yep, your an awesome artist, nuff said ;D!.

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Very nice job in general, and particularly nice job on the hands!

rita's picture

Natascha, I love it! The story is wonderful and the painting just OUTSTANDING!!!

carles's picture

Great new entry. I was already very fond of your Alice, but this new one is no less impressive.

Art at its best.