Young Drow Wizard by amerasu

Young Drow Wizard

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Added: Aug 11, 2004
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Painted in Photoshop

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i love "Young Drow Wizard" i'm in iraq right now and have been spending the last few days looking for exactly what i want, and yours has been the closest thing i've found. thanks for bringing me hope

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A Gorgeous Masterpiece, and the light behind him is just fine!

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I like very much. My only comment would be that the ear is about a centimeter too far forward, but other than that its gorgeous. Love it!

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he looks great!

drow wizards are used to candle light, their school has a lot of it. so, no, he wouldn't be wincing. that was mentioned in the drizzt do'urden novels.

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in regards to the comment about the he wouldn't be fact, he may find it quite comfortable...that is only candlelight, and he does have to be able to read, and you can't do that in the spectrum drow use in total darkness...for light to be uncomfortable for a drow, it must be quite bright, and of course, sudden exposure can cause temporary blindness...but candlelight is just fine

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The colour is gentle, but faithful in the eyes of the figure.

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Very good, nothing to add.

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Fantastic! I`ll use it as an inspiration for one of my stories (:

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Nice portrait work, it seems to say he's a bit of a thinker. Great hair, too!

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Excuse me but wouldnt the Drow featured in this picture be wincing at that light in the backround? Im just medding around..... its a great picture and the hair is wonderful. It reminds me of one of those old character portraits for the Baldurs Gate games. Well done

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*Does the first comment jive* Oh my... That is all I am able to say about this picture.. Oh my... He is soooo beautiful and his eyes... I would love to be his tomes, that he lovingly reads and touches every day... Your art work is nothing short of stunning.. Keep them coming and another one with this lovely lad in it would be perfect by me

Art at its best.