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Added: Aug 10, 2004
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A flooded and deserted village, left to the forces of nature by all the inhabitants, all but one. Because this place still holds the memories of old days, the joy is not all gone from the old logs of the broken buildings. There are some who won't let go from that which they hold dear, won’t leave though they should. Even if it means their doom.

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christar's picture

Hey, I think I remember this back from Elfwood, but only as a black and white drawing?

Guest's picture

Wonderful, awesome! especially from a young artist like you! Continue!

dawi's picture

So I managed to convey the sad tragedy even with those happy colours then! Or maybe it’s just the description that helps you. Thanks anyway.

dawi's picture

Thanks for that, I do indeed need it. I’ve had a hard time with the art the latest time.

dawi's picture

Thanks fot he kind words. Details are normally not my strongest side.

dawi's picture

Thank you very much! Glad you like the colours, I had some problems with working on them

dawi's picture

Thanks! That flower was very important for me too when planning the picture. It was there already in the first sketch, though the vines weren’t. And I know they really don’t work together biologically, but I allowed it to be a little unnatural to please my fantasies.

Guest's picture

The flower in the foreground is what caught my attention so looks like an iris, a flower which holds personal meaning for me, and yet it grows from a vine, so it's odd. I love everything about it though.

Guest's picture

Affa bonnie!!!!;0) xx

Guest's picture

This is a lovely painting,cool use of colour and scenery! The story conveyed by the title and contrast of surroundings is very sad but effective, like something tragic has suddenly occured. welldone! :)~ Dani

hythshade's picture

Beautiful piece. The warmth, and mood are superb. Excellent job!!!

emma-lb's picture

It is beautiful, I love the flower in the foreground and the colour it adds to the picture.

Guest's picture

A fantastic symphonie of great colors.
My best luck to you inthe future.

thrax-1's picture

Beautifull soft delicate details fgor both your pieces. Of course the lighting is of equal meassure Laughing out loud.

varian's picture

Sad story, but with a touch of hope. Beautiful image, and again your colors have such warmth and carry a life of their own.

schlunz's picture

Just beautiful...

Art at its best.