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Version 2

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Added: Sep 01, 2004
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It all started out as an advanced biomechanical virus created to destroy all life on a planet. However the victim planet inhabitants, the so called Vangels were in possession of immense technology, far more advanced than the attackers. They managed to stall the virus, and capture it within an artificial carbon based hull. Inside that hull the virus evolved into what the Vangels called Version. Version had many abilities, coming from a distant star created to destroy the species, Version knew everything about them. And as it evolved, Version got to know more things. The Version philosophy was, that is answered a question in return for something it did not know. Thus gaining more knowledge. This the Vangels feared, because they simply did not know why the Version did this.

The destiny of the Vangels is not well known, but they are all gone now. Millennia have passed, and the Version virus have evolved to reach a state of divinity. It has the answer to almost everything. To reach other worlds, Version had to adapt to the carbon hull, thus becoming one piece, growing into it. With this event came the Version spores. Sent out by Version itself to gain new knowledge, and to search for survived Vangels.

Naturally one of these spores reached another technologically advanced race, known as Terrans, or Humans as they called themselves. Thus Version revealed its location for them, and helped them reach its main location, the home planet of the Vangels. Here, the Terrans helped Version to get stronger with their primitive, yet effective new technology. Version grew, and evolved. Nobody knew what the future of Version was. Nor the future of the races that was effected by it. Good or bad, only Version had the
answer, yet nobody bothered to ask.

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panzersmurf's picture

Hei! Utrolig bra konsept du har der! Flott tegning også! Har du mer?

thejeff's picture

very powerful and creepy.

frodo's picture

Wow! thats a brilliant concept and picture...but you already know that...shiver

Art at its best.