Crash by mattbradbury


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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 21, 2005
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Commission done for "Unbroken Games" for an rpg thats in development. My first commission and a great experience for me as an artist. The guys at Unbroken games worked very closely with me on this so thanks guys! This is going to sound like sucking up but thanks Epilogue for the fantastic exposure they give!......thanks for looking.

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Makes you wonder...
What would happen if a jumbo jet and a dragon collided in midair? Bit like bringing fantasy into the real world. I feel sorry for the dragon. Brilliant work, really inspirational.

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OOOO, you little monkey! Love ya to Pete

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Is that the best you can do ?
Love you

Pete T

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I know this wasn't your intention, but it's almost like an aftermath to the race. It's like the dragon was flying so fast, it couldn't get out of the way. just a sorta random note.

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Can anyone tell me why I didn’t comment on this piece yet??? – Matthew, this is one of the most breathtaking pieces I ever saw – WOW – I LOVE IT!!!!! The idea alone is excellent!!
Hey, congrats to your first commission, I’m sure there will be much, much more in future... Way to go!

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Thanks Caitlin, It's great to hear from you again!

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Hi there,
it's been a while since I have been on this website but I must this your works haven't changed one bit.....THEY ARE SOO LIFELIKE AND AWESOME! I think this pic is beautifully done even though it can be a little bit sad lol as I love dragons, but please keepup the stunning work Laughing out loud From Caitlin

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Love your first pic Siravalenta!

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Thankyou, I'd love to do more!

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thanks James.

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Yea...hell yea! agreed with all comments matthew!, unbelievable texture work!.

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Oh God what a masterpiece! This is one of the greatest I've ever seen in Epi. Such a realistic feeling in it and it's very lively. The fire, textures, composition: just perfect!!

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I cant stop looking around for the next detail... Wonderful done.

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dang that is cool. congrats on the first of many commi's to come.

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Great pic - very well executed!

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Brilliant work, Matthew! such a stunning idea, beautifuly achieved and incredibly realistic, bravo!

Art at its best.