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Added: Apr 06, 2005
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I've wanted to do a battlefield scene for a long time and there has been a few submitted recently which have made an impression on me. Hopefully you get a sense of a war which has really dragged on and all the state of the art equipment has long since been destroyed and they are having to start to use the older stuff, like this P2 Crawler nicknamed the Ox. As always thanks for looking.

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Thankyou Simon, For your praise and helpfull crits. I will allways listen! and hopfully learn.

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Lovely work. The solidity and presence of the big machine is really well done, and you also have good depth going on. Because you ask for crits, however, I do have one: The guy is not well defined. Apart from a couple of highlights he's lost in the shadow and looking pretty lonely. I think he should have been bigger, situated more to the right, possibly with a few other soldiers in attendance, and lit by another, more dominant, lightsource. Nevertheless, an excellent piece.

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Thankyou Rita, all the time I was painting this I was having the same sort of feelings based around the futility of war and I often imagined what this scene would have looked like before the war with blue skies and a vibrant, alive city, so it is a sad picture.

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Thankyou my friend, I can't wait to see what you'd come up with and I think I shall probably have another go at a similar type of scene soon

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Thanks for commenting. I always welcome constructive criticism on any of my work and i'd be really interested to hear how other people feel.

Does it need a little more work????

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Matt, do you want to know why I like this painting? Hah, tell you anyway: because looking at it, it makes me feel sad, seeing this painting you know at once, why war is never a good thing. Good work Matt!

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wow - Matthew you pull out high quality pieces really fast - i'm deeply impressed - stunning work once again - hmmm, never tried such a mech war scene myself - should give it a try somday too Wink....

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physically, I mean. The center tends to fade into opacity, you can't really see around the blackness. Needs more sky and wasted expanses. War machine good, composition good.

Art at its best.