Time Portal by mattbradbury

Time Portal

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Added: Jul 30, 2005
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I really enjoyed painting this. it felt almost like a release ! this image or something like it has been rattling around in my head for sometime......Hope you like it!

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mattbradbury's picture

Thank you for your very kind words, I appreciate you let me know how much you like my work. As for doing cover art for you, of course I would consider it but unfortunately I would have to charge! I guess the thing to do is to finish those novels and then drop me e-mail, good luck my friend!

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This is such an awesome picture! I loved it so much that I even have it as the wallpaper on my laptop. Seriously, it's that good!

I love your art, Matthew. You have a great style. If only your work could be the cover art for a series of fantasy novels I'm trying to write.

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Wow! This is almost too awesome for words! I couldn't help but grin when I saw this - just too cool!

mattbradbury's picture

Cheers Scott, Glad you like! I'm not shore if it comes across but i wanted the "time portal" to have the look of on old engine, sort of a mix of high-tec and low-tec if you know what i mean. Thanks again Scott!

sdavis123061's picture

Don't know how I missed this the other day but I'm glad I saw it today! Really great lighting and effects in this Matthew and your rendering of all that machinery and computer gear is superb. Really nice work!

mattbradbury's picture

Thanks Marley, I think I'm starting to know how i want my work to look. Realism is big part of that look but I'm also after something else, the great feelings of movement and atmosphere you can get in more painterly styles. I'm hopeing one day i can get these things to work together at the same time. Hope that makes sence!! Cheers mate.

mattbradbury's picture

Thankyou Uwe, It's very hard for me to know what to say to such a great comment. I have so much respect for yourself and all the artists here, your words have made my day!!

thrax-1's picture

Realism. Your one of very few Sci-fi/fantasy Artists i have seen that has a photorealistic edge to their works. Even to the glow of each monitor (the one on the far right is my favourite ^^). Great T-rex like creature too.

j-art's picture

Awesome!!!! Matt this is a really awesome piece! Super – I LOVE IT!!!!! Be sure I enjoy looking at it, just spectacular – oh and if I have a look at the epi gallery stats, well there are some other people out there who enjoy your work as well Wink

mattbradbury's picture

Thanks Bill,I'm very happy you like it!!

mattbradbury's picture

Thanks Rita, I gave him that cape to try to make him look a bit of a super villen. So glad you like it my friend!

bcorbett67's picture

If you enjoyed painting it, I'm enjoying looking at it even more!! Superb sci-fi!!

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MATT, this is such a great painting! Love the "story". The cape of the human is wonderful too and give it a special feeling... You are really creative the last time

Art at its best.