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Added: Aug 13, 2005
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The question of whether mankind has already been contacted by alien life is a fascinating one. Were early civilisations nurtured by these visitors, or even taken from this planet? Who knows! not me that's for sure but it is fun to guess! Hope you like this.........and thanks for looking!

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Thank you Essie,

Stargate is one my favourite movies.

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I like this. It reminds me of the movie Stargate. I really liked that movie so it's not surprising that I'd like this. -Essie

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Thanks for your comment Smile

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Thankyou Rita, Hope you had a nice holiday Wink

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I don't mind at all Marley, It would be a pleaser my friend. I always start a painting in B&W, always! This helps so much with the lighting and distantence. Once you have the bacic shapes and shadows i start to add in texture, still in B&W with lots of layers and a very small brush, a lot of the time i'm not doing anything more than scrible! It's about now that i add in the colour with lots of layers again, colour,and overlay mostly. Then I refine it with a tiny smuge tool, painting in colour here and there and thats about it! Hope this makes sence! If you like drop me an e-mail and I will try to go into more detail......Cheers!

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Great work on the environment matt. Whats your technique for tecturing your land scape, if you don't mind me asking?..

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thats very great! infact! it looks like a scene straight out of AVP because a ship similiar to that ship and that pyramid were used in the movie great job!! i really envy your talent!

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It is wonderful Matt - and it reminds me a little to "Stargate" ...

Art at its best.