House of the Dead by mattbradbury

House of the Dead

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Added: Aug 18, 2005
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I really wanted to do something inside for a change. It was ether going to be an old house with a ghost, or zombies and i ended up with the zombies! It all looks a bit " Resident Evil " but i hope you like it! ............ Thankyou for looking!

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Like some other person said I feel sorry for the S.W.A.T guy, he shot a zombie in the head multiple times and he survived! Anyways nice piece, zombies are always interesting because they are easy and their are so many ways you can make them.

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I love that level!!!! My son has the game and i often have a go..... the zombies just keep coming and you know you will die. I always save a grenade for myself so when i go i take a couple with me : )

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haha, Reminds all too well of Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty: World at War. Great work Matt! The lighting from the window gives a sense of lonliness inside the house.

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Hi Caitlin, Yeah I'd be right behind you out of that window to! Thanks for stopping by Wink

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This one is scary as! I feel sorry for the poor S.W.A.T guy TRYING to fend them off! Zombies have always scared me, yet I love this piece because it's just like what you see in the movies, it's so lively! Lol if I was him I'd be out the nearest window Tongue nice one again Matt! From Caitlin

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Thanks Karolina, your thoughts are most welcome.

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Thanks Rita, I'm so thrilled you can see a little movement in those zombies, i really hopped that had come across so your comment is great news for me Wink

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Cheers Tom, It was quite hard to find a balance between detail and mood. thanks again for your comment!

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Thanks Simon, glad you like it.

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It has a real slow movement to it. I think that suits the zombies well. Smile

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Matt, not only your outside paintings are great - I just love your "old house". And it's incredible - I almost see the zombies moving. Cool work!

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Excellent Mat!! Very belivable indoor scene..a huge game feel...really impressed with the detailed interior work...

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Very cool, I like the decor of the house - the boards and the armour are excellent.

Art at its best.