The true story of Peter The Brave by mattbradbury

The true story of Peter The Brave

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Added: Aug 23, 2005
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I think he embellished the truth a bit when he told the story of how he fort and killed the mighty one eye .............thanks for looking!

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I really like this. Very nice imagery of his "bravery." V. rarely do people explore postures and actions such as that. I really like it though it's not usually in one of my favored genres. -Essie

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i really like it... how it shows strenth and courage and weakness with fear... there is so much and so little to be seen... or in other words i really want to see wat is going to happen next.... i just love it


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Who is peter the great?

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wow that is awesome but i am curious as to what program you use to create all these beautiful works of art?

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Thanks Siravalenta, I'm always trying to push myself just a little bit more each time, but CG stuff is so good these days close is the best i could ever hope for. So thanks for that my friend!

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Thanks Marley, I'm very lucky, i seem to be on a roll right now. Things are comeing together quite quickly. I don't know how long it will last but it is nice whille it does!Smile

Cheers mate

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That is superb work on the creature's textures matt. It doesn't seem to take you too long to whip out a piece now, fantatsic work!

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Thankyou so much Rita, you are a good friend.

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Thanks Uwe, you always seem to say all the things about my work that i feel about yours. is comment makes me feel very proud! thankyou again my friend.

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Thanks Tom, I do try to get a sence of realism in my paintings . It's not everyones cut of tea so I'm happy you like it. Cheers mate!

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Cheers Cris, I don't think his breath is the only funny smell around at that momment!!!!

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Thanks Danny, I very nerly did a big hero type instead of not so brave Peter, I'm very glad i didn't!

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Great work Matt! - The creature could almost pass for CG! Funny too! Laughing out loud

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The detail in this is just amazing Matt! Great color work as well. Quite a dramatic and humorous piece. Well done! Smile

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Matt - I am in awe - this is so great - so realistic! The light is wonderful - cool work, again, my friend!

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Hell Matt you are good – fantastic piece – and hehe the concept is grrrrreat!!! Have to go to your gallery as soon as I have some more time (I always need some time browsing your gallery, don’t want to look at your art in a hurry), seems I misse some of your last uploads….

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Awesome creature design Matt!! That is an angry beast!! The realistic style makes it all the more convincing..great job...

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Ah! This looks wonderfully familiar! Great job. It has real feeling. You can practically smell the worm's breath! A nice after-dinner mint would help... Wink

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Nicely done and very clever. Probably not far from what really happens in many of the storys where it is recorded as the heroe being brave and noble.

Art at its best.