Card art #3 by mattbradbury

Card art #3

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 05, 2005
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Here's the latest set of artwork I've done for Cryptic comet. Once again there printed size will be quit small as space on the card is limited, so your not really missing out on lots of detail. These are some of the robot characters of the game and i really enjoyed doing them..........hope you like them to and thanks for your visit : )

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j-art's picture

WOW – freelancing – that’s GREAT!!!! I’m so happy for you! Oh, and greetings to your wife Smile
I really miss my days as freelance illustrator, but currently it is just to much risk for me to quit my dayjob (you know having two kids, one can’t do what one want any longer). But at least I hope I can go back to my freelance business some day (would be much more easy if those companies that need fantasy illus would pay a little more Wink – hehe). Hell, now I am almost 5 years in this agency, not that the job is too bad, at least I can design here as well and from time to time there is something to illustrate as well. The sad thing is, that I can’t spend all my time painting, which would be really necessary to get better a little, but oh well, that’s life. So I think I have to go on as I do now, no sleep and two jobs…

All my best whishes for you my friend!

mattbradbury's picture

Hi Uwe,
At the moment I'm just working freelance, which is great but so scairy! I'm so lucky as my wife is so suportive but money is always a problem. you know what keeps me hanging in there, comments like this from artist that I've admirerd since before I had a gallery here!!! Thankyou Uwe and everyone who looks in. your comments mean such a lot to me!

sdavis123061's picture

Just as fantastic as the other card sets you've posted Matt. Great stuff yet again!

j-art's picture

Matt you are fantastic!!!!!! Love all your card art sets you posted recently, man so many pieces and all so damn well done, I’m deeply impressed by your skills!!! Say do you anything other than producing art the last time, I mean do you still have a day job or something like that, if so I really never will understand how you can pull out so many cool pieces in such a short amount of time, or is it just me and I am just toooooo slow if it comes to painting, hehe….
Great work Matt, really great work!!!

bcorbett67's picture

Nice work all round Smile

rita's picture

Matt, they are ALL so great! Glad you had fun - and I wait to see even more Wink

Art at its best.