Firestarter by mattbradbury


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Added: Dec 16, 2005
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I’ve had a little time to just indulge my self and this is what happened. I’d like to think it has of a batman movie feel to it and this guy could be the villain but I guess it’s just what your mind decides to see it as so don’t take the batman reference to literally.

Hope you like it and as always thanks for looking!

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mattbradbury's picture

Thanks for this great comment! Your right in that i do use a lot of brushs i've made myself to add the textures but there not hard to create. You can ofton turn a very simple patern into a great brush by playing with the brush settings ie scatering or opasity jitter, things like that. this might spoil the magic for you but i didn't paint a single strait line in this picture, i just made a big rectangle shape and deffind it as a brush. One click and you have a bilding! you have to mess about a little with the free transform to get the perspective and there you go. I'm no magician my friend Wink Oh and sorry about my spelling!

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How in the world sir! How do you cover so much ground so quickly in your paintings! Are all the textures painstakingly hand rendered!?! Oh, I wish I knew what brushes you used, and your trechniques heh heh, but a magician never gives away his tricks (sincere compliment- no sarcasm), at least the really good, less well known tricks IMHO, so I must be content in absorbing the delicious sensations that your image produces in my brain. Not a bad alternative really. Beautiful cityscape! *jealousy ensues*

fantasist's picture

A very impressive cityscape, Matthew, with a wonderfully atmospheric feel to it. The figure is extremely sinister.

thrax-1's picture

holy crap!, man thats an awesome cityscape. Again it is very realistic, amazing work on that. The flame is very holywood (compliment).He feels very villianish to me, its almost as if he is having a dramatic laughter moment. Mwuahahahahahaha, Mwuahahahaahaha..Nice work as usual matt Smile.

carles's picture

Great piece Matthew. Tell me, is it not the same character as in "Sunset of Dreams" ? A very busy guy it seems !

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Thanks Rita, I've been finding it a little hard to reply to comments, as it can take so long to login but i read evey one. oh and a very happy new year my friend!

rita's picture

Matt - great work!

Art at its best.