Battle Beast by mattbradbury

Battle Beast

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Added: Feb 04, 2006
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card art for cryptic comet, I've got a little group of these battle beasts to do. They are all called Dragons in the game but are not true Dragons but genetically engineered mutations which are used by other mutants as tanks and armoured vehicles. because of their appearance they have been nicknamed dragons. All the cards I've done take around 5/8 hours, roughly one a day. Hope you like this one and thanks for stopping by.

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thank you Heiko, it's interesting that you mentioned the style. I notice it myself in that every now and again something will come out looking more like a traditional painting than usual. I think it depends on how much I've used the smudge tool. Hmmmm!!

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thank you James, I'm really enjoying doing these monsters. This will sound a little crazy but I sometimes raw and make silly monster noises to myself as I'm painting. You would think as a grown man I would be passed doing things like that but I guess I've never really grown-up inside.

heikowagner's picture

really great picture Matthew,i like the colors and the creature,looks like a sci fi fantasy epos and the style looks really traditional painted...

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Excellent work, Matt, the lighting is brilliant, love the textures and tones! that is one awesome beast!

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can't seem to log onto my homepage just at the moment but really wanted to say thanks for all the great comments you guys have left. in response to Chris, I wish I did have something like that in my brain, it would certainly help! And my brain needs all the help it can get believe me. Simon Dominic on the other hand, I believe has been genetically engineered by aliens and is a key element in a subtle plot to take over the world with fantastic art work.joking aside, the man is just a genius when it comes to light and I'm just happy to be mentioned in the same sentence as him on the subject. Cheers Chris,how much do I owe you now?

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You and Simon Dominic must have built in 3-d rendering software in your brain to be able to handle lighting so realisticly. I'm jealous (but not in a bitter vindictive sort of way, more like a pathetic, sniveling, and awestruck sort of way). ^____^

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Very good all round,and impressive that you can churn out one a day of this quality.

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Great piece of work! The creature is very convincing and the lighting is brilliant.

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Matt, I love this. The creature looks so cool!

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I love the environment in this. A very imaginative creature!

Art at its best.