Card Art #10 by mattbradbury

Card Art #10

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 08, 2006
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Hi folks,
here's another couple of cards I've done recently for Crypthetic Comet. hope you like them and thanks for stopping by.

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monsterbox's picture

very cool!

sdavis123061's picture

Since I'm late with this I will merely echo the comments of everyone else. Just simply awesome work Matt.

mattbradbury's picture

thank you Matthew, I'm really pleased you like them.

mattbradbury's picture

thank you for saying that, I'm a bit of a fan of yours you see!

mattbradbury's picture

thank you Heiko, I am trying hard to improve, I'm hoping there is still some new tricks this old dog can learn.

kuk's picture

They have a wounderful mood to them

patrik's picture

amazing - again as always

heikowagner's picture

really brillant Matthew,You getting better an better,i agree with Tom on the top image,great colors like always and the lightning on the second picture is perfect,especially the dusk around the feets of the dino because he is running is fantastic,keep on the good work...

mattbradbury's picture

thank you Malcolm, much appreciated.

mattbradbury's picture

Christine, you're too kind, I can feel my head swelling up as I type! Pretty soon it will just hit my keyboard, it will be that heavy!

mattbradbury's picture

cheers Tom!

mattbradbury's picture

thank you James, always a pleasure Sir!

mattbradbury's picture

cheers Rita. I actually screwed up on that one a little. The image itself had to be cropped quite a bit for the card. You have to laugh really, I spent all that time working on the rubble in the foreground. Trying to make it lead you in to the beast in the middle distance but unfortunately at the size it appears on the card the monster looked lost in the background. Never mind!

mattbradbury's picture

thank you Bill.

fantasist's picture

Brilliant. I love the creatures, and the lighting is, as always, superb.

griffingirl's picture

Like 'em? I love 'em! The scale is AMAZING!

portalrun's picture

Looking good Matt..specaily like the tank concept on top image..

somerset's picture

Truly amazing work, Matt, love this series!

rita's picture

wonderful - again. The first one has some special mood ...

bcorbett67's picture

I like them very much!

Art at its best.