Pax "card art" by mattbradbury

Pax "card art"

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Added: Mar 10, 2006
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a slight change of style for me in this one, great fun and very quick. Here is the technique if you fancy trying it yourself.

All done using a harder edge tapering brush with wet edges turned on and about 30% opacity.
drawn and shaded in black and white using a loose style, colour added over the top with new layers, overlay and colour their settings. when you're happy with that basic colours flatten the image and work a little normal colour into the shadows and highlights to avoid it looking to flat.I really enjoyed this technique, it was fast and fun and I think gives quite a nice end result. Hope you like it and thanks for looking.

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mattbradbury's picture

Thank you Cassandra, I agree, they can make quite a difference.

cmlovell's picture

I adore the textures, it makes this piece really come to life!

mattbradbury's picture

Hi Christine, thanks for the comment and it's great to hear you will be doing some card art yourself soon. I find work in black and white is always useful at the start of any painting. It really helps you get to grips with the tonal relationships in the painting before you have to worry about colours. it's also very quick as you can build up textures, detail, lighting, and then the colour goes over the top.Be wary of the colours looking flat and wash out which can happen. It's always a good idea at the end to work in a few extra colours here and there just to spice it up a little in the shadows and highlights. I think being aware of the fact that the peace will be printed quite small is important. If it is too fussy then it may be hard to read when it's small, it also depends on the client as well, some will expect perfection and it can mean a lot of unnecessary work but at the end of the day if they're paying for it they can have whatever they like. Good luck with them cards.

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It's really cool to hear how you work, as I'm entering the arena of card art, myself. This is a wonderful image, that reduces beautifully! I struggle with that, but will try this technique next time...worked for you! Might work for me...great job!

mattbradbury's picture

Hi Chris, thanks for your comment.your right, in that this is a little more refined than you would normally expect from a speed paint session. If you see this image at a larger size you can see all the rough edges and raw brush strokes. In fact the smaller in gets the better it looks, hopefully when it is printed at card size it will look even more refined. I've been trying to speed paint more and more recently, I really think it helps and teaches you things that sometimes are lost in a piece that takes days and has lots of detail. I'm not sure that you can really learn how to speed paint, but one thing is sure the more you do the better you get. There seems to be less conscious decision making involved with speed painting and more unconscious instinct. It is also great fun!

If you look on the website of Craig Mullins (www, and look at his simple sketches gallery you will see the most fantastic examples of speed painting your ever likely to see. Just remember he is a genius and it won't make you feel so bad! That's what I have to tell myself every time I look!!! Wink

yrindale's picture

Awesome piece there Matt - I'm diggin the look of this, has a very refined look despite being done all speedy like. Something I'm still trying to learn.

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thank you Uwe, I have been exploring new techniques for doing different things. I love to speed paint when I can and this brush seems to work well for this, giving a nice effect. I'm going to try some more pieces using this style and technique. Cheers my friend, speak to you soon.

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thank you so much Scott, but that is way to kind. This is OK for what it is but it really doesn't compare to the work in your Gallery my friend. If only!

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thanks Rita, it was a lot of fun!

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Hi Matt, this one really looks very painterly, great one! Hey and thanks so much for your last mail, i will reply this weekend Smile...

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Wow Matt! You're "fast" pieces are better than my "slow" works. Great skin tones and lighting. Quite impressive. Smile

rita's picture

looking so great, Matt!

Art at its best.