"Oh this gun" by mattbradbury

"Oh this gun"

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Added: Mar 12, 2006
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hope you like this little bit of sci-fi fun. It was started last weekend and I actually submitted it, then decided I didn't like it and deleted it. I've worked on it a little more this weekend and I'm much happier with it now. As always thank you for your visit!

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Your stuff is awesome!!!
I especially dig your robot-very nice and realistic design!
Is all your work digital? and if so, how do you do it??- I mean, overall-do you sketch it with a tablet and then begin to add in the finished look ( shadows, colors,depth,etc. or do you have some special 3D program? I myself have always worked in traditional mixed-media-but some of this new art technology I've seen on many digital work lately, has really started to make me froth at the mouth! Wow brother keep up the excellent work and congratulations!!!

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I mean to be totally serious, even if the comment dosen't sound like it.
Her expression looks like its transitioning between "surprise" and "Oh crap", for lack of a better term.

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I really like the shading, and the movement.

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Thanks Patrick, you know I can see it now! The mouth is wrong, may be too pointed at the edges, sigh, to be honest her face was a disaster! Really, I had the hardest time with her features. I reworked them again and again but for the most part it was the eyes that were causing me the biggest problem. I think by the time I was happy with them I've forgotten to even look at her mouth, laugh! It's a little ironic really, anyway, I really do appreciate you pointing it out to me, and I mean that! It always seems to take another pair of eyes to spot that little thing which is so easy to miss sometimes, cheers my friend.

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Really great lighting, textures, and sense of depth (all your usual great stuff, really!) And I like that robot design a lot! The only slight downside for me is the character's mouth - something about the shape isn't quite working. But it only stands out because the rest of the picture is almost perfect. Smile

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yes I do, it was my pleasure my friend.

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Oh I know what you mean, hands can be a pain. There also very rewarding when they do come out okay, so I really appreciate your comment, cheers.

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Just awesome, i agree her hands are superb, and what i love so much is how you paint metal, it looks so amazing real. Excellent stuff my friend, and hey thanks, you know what i mean Smile

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thank you Walt.

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thanks Rita, she was the hardest part of the painting, you would have laughed at me, I was doing all these strange little gestures to myself as I was painting trying to figure out how she would be posed.

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Her hands are wonderful. I love/hate hands. And her's rock. Fun piece!

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I like her body language and his "eyes"

Art at its best.