Dragons end by mattbradbury

Dragons end

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Added: Mar 12, 2006
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this was a speed painting that I liked and ended up finishing. It's about five hours work there which doesn't sound a lot but most of what you see was achieved with custom brushes and a little bit of luck. Hope you like it, and of course thank you for your visit.

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This is ot the Dragons end...Its the ragons rising.

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Yep once again sad and amazed awsome work Matthew. -Evan

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I like this one very much. The imagery is very beautiful and sad. I like the fire and light play especially.


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After visiting your own gallery and viewing images such as "Dragons end", well, I'm speechless. I am humbled by your praise of my work, Thank you.

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great color and mood!

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this piece is really wonderful i hadnt been on your work in a while as i used alot of your work to inspire me in my graphics work as it has alot of feeling and emotion you can almost feel the heat of moment for the dragon in this picture the fire has the effect of bringing the picture to life once again great work as always with feeling .... from Tom

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Thank you so much for your comment, unfortunately there is not that much you're missing at this size, so you would probably be very disappointed seeing a close-up;)

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Thank you for this fantastic complement. I feel I have been quite lucky, it helps so much being around the artists here at epilogue. I feel I have improved some scenes I have been here. It's a great environment and certainly inspires me to try harder each time. Cheers Robert.

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This is wonderful in every way! I would love to see close ups, if you'd like to share by posting any (or links). I love the light and the fire. My favorite piece in your gallery! Thank you!

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Matthew I want to say thank you for being this good. For me as an artist it means that I have so much more to learn and grow when I see a picture this well done in such a small amount of time.

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Hi Kirsi, I'm very happy you like this one. You know, I'm always looking at the other artists work here at epilogue. In a lot of ways it's helped me to grow. It's very interesting that you mention the colours in this painting as I feel your own work has had an influence. I was so impressed with the last couple of pieces you have done. Call me an old fool if you like but I did think of your work while I was painting this. I certainly wasn't trying to copy, that's not really what I'm about but I definitely was trying to draw on what I've seen in your Gallery in terms of colour and lighting. Although this doesn't have to finesse I feel that I see in your paintings. hope you don't mind that I said this, just thought you might be tickled to know.

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beautiful work Matthew! This is absolutely one of your best paintings I've seen Smile
- Brilliant colours, very romantic palette, and the dragon's fall looks just the way it would possibly look Wink -

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thank you Karl, it's funny you should ask if there was an initial drawing that I worked over, which is often how I would start but in this case there was no drawing at all. What I mean is I just had an hour or so set-aside to speed paint. So I was just making shapes with a brush I'd made and I started to see clouds appearing and it just grew from their. Their really isn't much in the way of finely drawn details just lots of textures and shapes. if I tried to do this again it would probably take three times as long because I would be trying to do it, if that make sense. Hopefully something of what I did in this painting will filter through to the next time I have a little speed paint session, fingers crossed. thanks again for your comment Karl.

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its a beautifully lit and atmospheric piece - it stood out a mile amongst the thumbnails - does 5 hours include the initial drawing? either way, my hats off to you!

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thank you Malcolm, I think this did turn out much better than I expected. When I get some more time I will try again with a similar style just to see if this was a fluke or not. At the moment I'm not sure as I was just experimenting really with some fun brushes.thanks again!

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Hi Pierre, this is going to sound awfully shallow but I would love to get and editors pick one day. it is just a personal preference thing so if you have a style that an editor really loves then you stand a better chance of getting one I guess. Anyway all the editors picks I've seen recently have been away better than this so I didn't really think about it. Anyway, if one day I do get one I will be over the moon.

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This is a fantastic piece of work: colour, atmosphere, lighting, movement! And in only 5 hours! Incredible!

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This new piece leaves me speechless I must say. Really. Like Simon once said about another piece, I can only guess the "Editor's Pick" button was not working tonight. Awesome, Matt, truly amazing.

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thank you Uwe, God I feel like such a fraud, so much of this painting was achieved with those brushes I made and is much less to do with me being clever.

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cheers Simon, but his peace is much more basic than actually looks, for instance,all the buildings were initially very roughly blocked in and only really came alive when I added some texture to them over the top. Just a couple of strokes at low opacity and then a quick tidy up with the erazor.I think I was a little lucky to.

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thanks Christine, yes I do and if you send me an e-mail I would be more than happy to tell you everything I know about creating and using custom brushes. It might not be a very long e-mail as I'm still learning myself but once you have the basics I'm sure you will have as much fun as I'm having when you have a go for yourself.

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thank you Ken, but it was more luck than judgment I fear LOL! I had no idea what I was doing when I started this piece and I have hundreds of really awful ones which thankfully no 1 will oversee. OOOOPs forget I said that!

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cheers Rita,their my favourites to.

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OMG, omg, omg - 5 hours Shock!!!!!
Matt, you know you are a exeptional talent, don't you...

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Epic, really well done for 5hrs work

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Hope I LIKE it?? Dude...the scale, the vibe...I'm not normally a big fan of environments, but this really speaks to me. Do you use PS? Tell me about your custom brushes...so very effective!

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I like the way you handled showing the scale of the dragon.

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It is wonderful, Matt. The sky and fire is just awesome

Art at its best.