Card Art 13 by mattbradbury

Card Art 13

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 27, 2006
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Hi folks, 13 unlucky for some! Actually, I am a little sad as this little selection will almost see this job finished. I've just about completed 140 similar cards and it's going to feel a little strange when they are all done. I'm sort of looking out for more to do at the moment so if you're interested please let me know! I really hope you have enjoyed seeing them, your comments on the others I've posted have really kept me going so thanks for that, and thanks for your visit.

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patrik's picture

Matt, you are really one of the best masters of contemporary fantasy art.

mattbradbury's picture

I wouldn't really call myself a pro yet, I've still got a long way to go and I have not really established myself in the industry yet but I'm trying hard. Thanks for your comment my friend.

mattbradbury's picture

Cheers Malcolm, One at a time's the only answer I can think of my friend!

mattbradbury's picture

Thanks Kieran Wink

mattbradbury's picture

Thankyou Scott, It feels good that you liked them!

mattbradbury's picture

Thanks James, it did seem like a lot of work at the time and now I only have three or so left to do. I guess if I didn't enjoy painting it would have been much more difficult. It was actually quite nice to have something to focus on. Thanks for your comment on my friend.

mattbradbury's picture

Thanks Rita, I don't really feel very great but I was pleased with myself I must admit. Thanks again my friend!

mattbradbury's picture

thanks Uwe! Hero, me, you haven't seen me in my Batman costume yet. You might change your mind!

mattbradbury's picture

Whenever I get short of ideas, it often helps me to just switched off for a little while, maybe have a browse through the galleries. That always seems to fire up my imagination and creative juices! Cheers Pierre!

mattbradbury's picture

Thanks Dean!

Guest's picture

140 cards like this one. It makes me realize what a lazy whiner I am, and how dedicated I need to be if I ever want to be a pro like you. Gyaaaaak!!!!!!!

fantasist's picture

How do you do it? Brilliant characters, colours and atmosphere in all of them.

kieranyanner's picture

Great use of color, atmosphere and story telling, top props Smile awesome work.

sdavis123061's picture

Great work again Matt. I've enjoyed every one of these that you've posted.

somerset's picture

Awesome, Matt, stunning work, such a task and never dropping the quality for a second....brilliant artwork achievement!

rita's picture

Matt, you are indeed a great artist! 140 paintings - and ALL so great done Smile Wonderful work!

j-art's picture

140 Cards!!!! Wow, really impressive. Matt you are my hero!

carles's picture

I really love to see you series of cards, they are truly great. But 140 of them !! My gosh, it must strain one's imagination to its limits to come up with 140 ideas in a relatively short while ! I am all the more impressed then.

sdeanbloom's picture

Totally wicked. Nice stuff. My second fav piece so far today. Great job, Matthew!

Art at its best.