Polar mining by mattbradbury

Polar mining

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 06, 2006
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Hi folks, hope you like this one. I always enjoy doing environment based paintings, they sort of recharge my batteries. There is not that much going on in terms of action, well nothing in fact but that's probably why I found it very relaxing. As always thank you for your visit!

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mattbradbury's picture

thankyou Bill!

mattbradbury's picture

Hi Marley, I always like doing rocks!

mattbradbury's picture

thanks Rita, I like the idea of the fish, makes it seem a more interesting pic!

carles's picture

You used a very rich yet subbtle palette for sky, snow and water. Very convincing,

fantasist's picture

Beautiful work. I love the mysterious, mushroom-shaped buildings and the calm, blue atmosphere.

somk's picture

not only you have a kickass name but you're a kickass painter Smile

bcorbett67's picture

I l;ike it a lot!

thrax-1's picture

yea, u got landscapes down to a real artform, matt. truly stunning vista!. awesome rock detail!.

rita's picture

It is great, Matt. The open view is very nice - and those clouds are awesome! Love your light and shade, too. And that rock at the left side looks almost like a fish, looking to us Wink

Art at its best.