Machine pod (card art) by mattbradbury

Machine pod (card art)

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 20, 2006
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Hope you like this one, it's one of the few base/environment cards I'm doing. Just at the moment I've been very interested in the techniques used by matte painters, please don't get me wrong at this point because I know that this is not good enough to be used as a matte painting but I've always liked to try to incorporate a little bit of realism into what I've painted and matte painting is that ideal taken to It's limit. Anyway, again, hope you like this one and as always thank you for visiting.

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mattbradbury's picture

Thank you Malcolm, always a pleasure to hear from you.

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Thanks Nathan, there is probably a little more detail than you will actually see on the card, which really means I've wasted my time little but I did enjoy this one which always makes it worthwhile!

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Pierre, it's not really important to me that you say anything meaningful in your comment, what is important is that you have taken the time out to do so, thank you my friend!

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Thanks for saying that Siravalenta, I have been trying very hard to improve. The thing is if I can't improve then I don't think I'm going to stand much of a chance of surviving as a freelancer. I hope the future will be kind!

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Cheers mate, that's a really nice thing to say but personally I think I'm a long way off the standard of Matte painting you see on the big screen these days.

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Thanks Christopher, studying how other people work is always a good idea. Unfortunately the more I learn the more I realise how much I don't know!! If that makes sense!

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Thanks Rita!

fantasist's picture

Fantastic! So much detail.

Guest's picture

Wowzer! Alot more detail than most card art I have seen. You just keep improving...

carles's picture

Difficult for me to find anything more clever to say than "wow !". Another "wow" after the many "wows" that your art made me voice.

mythmaker's picture

That's really great Matt!- Both the style and paintwork. It's scary how fast your skills have developed! Keep it

thrax-1's picture

you just totally kick butt, matt. Thats as good as any other matte painters work i have seen. and i have seen em!. don't know how you do em!. keep em coming matt!.

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That thing is neat. Now i am going to study matte painting techniques.

rita's picture

Matt this is great - your use of light is awesome!

Art at its best.