Night terrors by mattbradbury

Night terrors

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 30, 2006
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A little bit of dark horror, I've tried to be subtle with the lighting so I hope that works. Hopefully what makes this scary or creepy is not what you do see but what you don't. Thanks for looking, don't have nightmares!!

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ahmeterdogan's picture

Woooww. Awesome work. greaaaat:)

swkerr's picture

Thanx for your comment on my work, but after seeing all of yours - im stuck for words.....awe struck....literally out of this world!!!!!!!!!!

pixiwillow's picture

....sorry, I was still recovering from the fright....this image will surely give me nightmares! It's absolutely chilling!

rita's picture

very scary and impressive

kizalon's picture

whooaa, very cool one Matthew! Great brutality and details, and the mood is thrilling! Very well done Smile

christar's picture

Hey wait a minute, are there two Matthew Bradburys on Epilogue? I just looked at your main gallery and it seems like your missing tons of images. Did you have to clean out some images due to copyright laws? I'm confused. If this isn't the same Matthew Bradbury that I've been commenting on for over a year now, then I apologize. My name's Chris Shepard and I like to joke around and be eccentric sometimes. I logged in to prove that I have a gallery here (a very humble one). You have great art.

fantasist's picture

This really is a scary picture, and the subtle lighting certainly does work. The shadowed mouth with those horrific teeth and the fact that you can't actually see the eyes is most effective. Long live dark horror!

Guest's picture

Shoot dude! I think you should start a series of paintings with this one!! Create yourself your own Matthew Bradbury vampire mythology of imagery! Then, take those images and piece a story out of them for a graphic novel! Then, have dreamworks make a killer movie out of it! I ain't joking!

mattbradbury's picture

Thanks for saying that my friend, yours is now the third opinion and reaction I've had to this painting. The first one came from my wife,"hhmmm its a bit dark" she said. Second one came from my youngest son who's 5, he squealed and hid behind my chair!! Daddy is so mean! I think though I like your opinion the best. i was trying a new style, sort of Brom mixed with Bradbury so I am very interested and pleased you like it

carles's picture

I would very seldom qualify a fantasy art piece as "scary", but if one deserves to be called so, this is it ! You really did something impressive with this one, it is awesome.

Art at its best.