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Added: Sep 11, 2006
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I've been spending a lot of time recently looking at the work of Craig Mullins. Trying to figure out exactly how he does what he does is quite frankly depressing! Unfortunately when I set out to try and learn something from an artists work I just can't stop until I feel happy that I have . Anyway, this is the result of a couple of days just looking and hopefully learning from his intoxicating work. Just in case you're wondering this is not copied but it does have a similar theme to a lot of his stuff ......Thanks for looking.

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carles's picture

Well, I don't know Mullins either, but this is really a cool piece, with all the reflections and multiple light sources, and that great atmospheric perspective. Very impressed !

fantasist's picture

Great piece of work. Figure, background, lighting, reflections, all brilliantly created in a distinct style without being photographic.

kenmeyerjr's picture

Matt (Bailey), you really have to check out Mullins, he is truly phenomenal.

Matt (Bradbury), great job and an arresting image in its own right.

goad's picture

I don't know who Craig Mullins is... but I like your work. I especially like the ruins surrounding the soldier.

mattbradbury's picture

Hi Siravalta, I haven't played halo for such a long time, haven't got the time rearly but my kids play it and love it! He does look a bit like the master chief, he he! It is very hard these days to actually come up with something that doesn't look a little bit like something else. I haven't shown this to my kids yet but I think now you have pointed out the halo similarity they are going to love it. Thanks for the comment mate!

mythmaker's picture

Haha! It's a mutant Master Chief! Laughing out loud
Sorry Matt... It's just kind of funny if you're a Halo fan! It's still cool! Wink

Art at its best.