Arachnid approach by mattbradbury

Arachnid approach

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Added: Oct 02, 2006
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The idea is that the vehicle is part of an off world survey effort. here on a distant world they have discovered the remains of an ancient civilisation. The problem is its current population are rather nasty and overly large spiders. A little bit cliche I know but good fun! Thanks for looking!

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magarlick's picture

Matthew, you commented on some of my own images a while ago and now I have had a look at yours. Your work is among the best on this site, really. There are so many as well. I am quite prolific as a space/astronomical artist (no examples on this site, see but my SF and other stuff is quite limited. Keep it up, old chap!

mattbradbury's picture

Hi, and thank you for your kind words. I hope everything goes well when you start at your new art school. You have a great deal of talent and time is on your side. I'm looking forward to seeing more work from you in the future. Best of luck!

mattbradbury's picture

Thank you Darko!

josefstark's picture

I have actually seen your gallery a coupple of times. I can see that you have improved it since then. You are one of the best, I give you that!
I'm not studying art I hav just finnished a course in art and painting (for amateurs) that was quit understimulating. but after this summer I'll start at a new art school, so I'll hpefully get better.

See you around!

pajcin's picture

You made a good work with atmosphere it's so convincing.Dizain of space craft is also nice.

mattbradbury's picture

Thanks James, I've really got a thing at the moment for large scenes. I think it stems from my interest in the matte paintings done for movies. You know the sort of thing, the fantastic shots you get in films like Lord of the rings the Star Wars films. They really do stir me up inside. It's those feelings that I try to reproduce in some of the things I paint.

somerset's picture

Your details quite simply amaze me Matt! what an incredibly complex piece.....cliche...dah! excellent vision my man!

mattbradbury's picture

WOW! Thanks Steve, I know you probably hear this all the time but your work in oils is just stunning!

sferris's picture

Some nice, recent work going on here in your gallery Matthew!


Guest's picture

hey matthew i think this should be editors pick, but then not much scifi gets editors pick on this site, well done i think your work is superb.

thrax-1's picture

Incredible work, mathew. gorgeous lighting , agreed that this is a step up technically ^^. LOVE that background, those clouds are awesome!.

Guest's picture

whoops that comment is from me, not sure why it did not register that...

Guest's picture

Matthew, feel like this is a step up in refinement and color scheme. Damn fine job.

Art at its best.