Last days of the dinosaur by mattbradbury

Last days of the dinosaur

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Added: Oct 24, 2006
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This is set a month or so after the astroid impact. I'm certainly no expert on what conditions would have been like for the survivors of the initial blast. Maybe something like this, who really knows!...... As always thanks for looking

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I am a sci-fi/paleofiction author and I really want to give you some luv on this incredible work you did!sooooooooooo awwwwwwwwwwwwsum!do you have anymore work on prehistoric animals?anything would be wonderfull.I would be honored to know you my friend--kenney sills

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I specially like the detail of the cut marks on the dinossaur's face. It makes you feel his suffering.

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So strong and beautifully done -- memorable! Subtle colours, yet they emphasize the apocalyptic subject wonderfully...

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Wow kinda makes me scared,sad and amazed awsome work Matthew. -Evan

mattbradbury's picture

Cheers Matthew, I appreciate your kind words.

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this is breathtaking. great composition and convincing detail work. good job!

mattbradbury's picture

Thank you J.P. your kind words are a real boost!

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I will agree with Uwe, this is awesome..I've been impressed with many pieces in your gallery Matthew, very passionate and impressive work.

mattbradbury's picture

WOW! Thank you so much for such a great comment! I got lucky with this one I think my friend.

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That’s just the sound my jaw produced falling down the keyboard. THIS PIECE IS AWESOME!!!!

mattbradbury's picture

Hey James, thank you so much for leaving those kind words..... I have a lot of respect for you, both artistically and as a person!

mattbradbury's picture

Thank you my friend, I guess I've always loved dinosaurs to and there all the more fascinating because they actually existed. Thanks again!

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Sensational, Matthew, you can smell the atmosphere and dynamic tension here! astounding realism and vision my friend!

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Matthew, this once again proves you have a true gift. It's a brilliant way to capture such an amazing moment. I especially have a soft spot for it, since I'm obsessed with dinosaurs. Wink Keep up the good work, Mr. Bradbury. I salute you! Smile

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Hey, thanks for leaving such a great comment. I appreciate it, they really left me and make me want to try harder next time. Thank you again!

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WOW !!! WHAT A GREAT SHOT OF SUCH A MOMENTOUS OCCURENCE!!! you put so much in this piece it feels like it could start moving any second

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I think you have to feel for the dinosaurs. They were around for so long and were so successful, and would probably still be here if it weren't for that random cosmic collision. But then again it did give us mammals are shot! Thanks Ken!

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Thanks Rita,... that's one of the reasons I've always loved dinosaurs.... There like the real life dragons and monsters of myth and legend, very scary!

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Thanks Marley.... To have something I've done realised on the big screen would be a dream come true! Though This did have a soundtrack of sorts.... Me making explosion noises every so often, LOL... I,m such a child!

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Gee, it almost makes you feel sorry for the guy!

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Matt, awesome work! He looks so scary Smile

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Incredile detailing matt, nothing unusual there. but it is pretty cinematic, i can imagine this scene having great subwoofer action at the movie theatres Tongue. Nice lighting on the skin Laughing out loud.

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Thanks Nathan.... Thunder lizard, I like that! This was good fun to paint and I'm really pleased you like it. Cheers mate!

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Thunder lizard! Two thumbs up!!

Art at its best.