Last days of the dinosaur (detail) by mattbradbury

Last days of the dinosaur (detail)

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Added: Oct 24, 2006
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Hope you like this closer look!

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tarkus's picture

Oh damn this is too damn GREAT!

mattbradbury's picture

Hi Peter, thanks for stopping by my friend!

pegahoul's picture

Oh my this is awesome. Like it so much

patrikmuhr's picture

Great stuff!

mattbradbury's picture

Thanks Uwe, you know it was really a pleasure to do that tutorial. Though I must admit it did make me feel a little nervous and self-conscious. I Think as well it's a technique that suits me and may not suit others. Oh and by the way your tutorial was awesome. I'm always stuned by the beauty of your work. From rough sketch to finished painting it was eye candy!

mattbradbury's picture

Thanks Steve, such kind words...... I've been looking to your gallery though and your work is HOT!

j-art's picture

Thanks for the detail mate, man this is awesome – I’m currently trying to get some usable results using your technique, you know first black and white color after, I’m really nosy if this technique works for me as well. Thanks for the fantastic tutorial in the Horror painting workshop book, was so cool to see the way you work.

Guest's picture

matthew your work is simply gorgeous,
i only wish i was as good.
take care,

mattbradbury's picture

Thanks James, you know I'm the wrong person to ask about spelling, I'm just about the worst there is LOL

somerset's picture

Oh I say....this is superb! Matt, those realistic details are par excellance! (oops hope I got that spelling right....heh I think you get my drift anyway my friend!)

mattbradbury's picture

Hey Rita, no problem. At the size you see the whole thing so much gets lost. So I thought a close-up might be nice as I know quite a few people like to see them. Cheers!

mattbradbury's picture

Thank you Malcolm, hearing comments like this make all the fiddling about the detail worthwhile!!

mattbradbury's picture

Your insight serves you well.... I've got some step by step images of some other sketches. if you're interested I could e-mail them to you, just let me know and it would be my pleasure!.. Cheers Chris!

fantasist's picture

Superb work! Wonderful detail!

mattbradbury's picture

Thanks Constanza, I'm glad you like a close-up. The open cut on his face was a bit of an afterthought. I felt it helped to give a better impression of how harsh conditions had become, even for the strongest and most powerful of the dinosaurs.

rita's picture

Thank you for the close up - he REALLY looks scary Smile

christar's picture

Aha... I think I have gained some insight into your technique. It looks like you used an over layer to pencil in the details of the scales! Cool. Dramatic and powerful, lots of impact. I have always loved dinosaurs since I was a kid.

faerywitch's picture

so good, Matt!
the big picture is awesome, the tension you've generated is amazing, considering that reptiles are not very expressive, but you did a great job.
The close up is extremely enjoyable too, I love all the details and the wonded skin of the poor beast.

mattbradbury's picture

Definitely agree with you there, LOL... It's in my top ten list of things I never want to smell!

Guest's picture

Too real. I'm GLAD I can't smell the breath!

Art at its best.