Extermination by mattbradbury


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Added: Dec 10, 2006
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The creatures being exterminated our actually intelligent and gentle.... Unfortunately their exterminaters are the complete opposite! Thanks for looking!

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I am a register user on this site, but anyway I came across your artwork and I wanted to know if its okay for me to use these in a story I am writing that is set in A Post Apocalyptic setting. I will add your name on the artwork, and the story is not being used for any commercial resources.

You can email me at Cyberdene_Syndicate@yahoo.com

Thank and take it easy, I truly admire your work and it is an influence on the things I write.

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This one's really polished (finished). Just Beautiful. I'm in love with the range of warm colors you used. Ingenious lighting. And the idea is unique and fascinating as well.

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Thank you Ahmet, I can be a bit of the detail freak now and then. Rendering is something I like doing although sometimes I think the end result has less energy and impact than the rougher earlier stages.

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Hey, thank you so much! There's no getting away from the aliens similarity. It was actually in my mind at one stage to turn this into an aliens picture and called it a fan art. I'm actually happy I didn't and to be honest, even though I'm very influenced by movies I don't really want to rip them off. I'm very happy you're not getting tired of looking at my stuff as I do seem to pump it out quite quickly. I hope I don't post so much that people get bored! Cheers!

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Thank you Stephen, they appreciate your comment:)

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Hey Malcolm, thank you my friend!

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fantastic character detail and lighting ! Greaat work Matthew.

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Thank you Ken, I don't mind admitting that this gave me trouble. On the one hand all the orange light can look really effective and interesting but it was also difficult to keep it all under control.

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Thanks Nathan! A real pleasure to know you like!

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Thank you James, it's funny but I didn't start out with the idea that the humans were the bad guys. but the more I got into the painting the more menacing they started to look. So the idea grew from that. Thanks again my friend!

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Kind of reminds me of the scene in "Aliens" (Where Ripley is in the queen's chamber with Newt), though of course with a twist. Yet another great piece of artwork, Matthew. I don't think I'll ever really get tired of looking at your art. It has a real quality about it.

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lovely work matthew,
i like the escaping pod tentacal.
great stuff,
steve boulter

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Brilliant as always, Matthew. The detail is great, and the light is incredible.

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Boy, you handle intense light like few others...great drama!

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Nice new take on this scenario, the slimy looking creatures are actually the good guys for a change! Superb work, Matt, your details as always are impeccable and excellent lighting too! Smile

Art at its best.