Portrait of a soldier by mattbradbury

Portrait of a soldier

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Added: Dec 14, 2006
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Tried not to go over the top with the detail in this and concentrated a little more on colour. I don't know why but I wanted to paint something that showed a little feeling and sadness but with rich saturated colour. Hopefully the lighting bridges the gap a little.

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Guest's picture

A portrait of a soldier where the subject isn't looking like King God of the battle field.

mattbradbury's picture

Hi Rita, thank you for your wonderful comment. In a lot of ways this was more challenging than some of the more environmentally based paintings. Emotions are quite difficult I find to capture, a lot more difficult than painting a rock or a tree. I'm going to try to paint a few more character based paintings as soon as I have a little more spare time. Thank you again my friend

rita's picture

Matt, another wonderful work - it is amazing how you could add so much feeling to it Laughing out loud

mattbradbury's picture

Hi Katrina, thank you very much for your comment. Don't feel bad, but this was supposed to be a girl. I guess the most important thing is that you felt something and the soldiers sex isn't really relevant anyway!

katerina's picture

amazing work matthew,i keep staring in his eyes,such emotion behind those eyes Smile

mattbradbury's picture

Thanks Malcolm, I did my best with the face. I think that facial expressions and anatomy are one of my weakest areas but I will of course keep practising! Thanks again Malcolm!

fantasist's picture

You certainly managed to pile on the emotion, Matthew. Fantastic textures, detail, colours and lighting, but the face really gives it heart.

mattbradbury's picture

Hi Christine, I use photoshop because I feel it is slightly more versatile and I know the programme pretty well now which always helps. In this one I used one of the pastel brushes for the textures on the helmet, I made the brush fairly large and using a separate layer set to multiply brushed over the area's I'm looking to texture and eraze any thing which spills over. Then you just look to accentuate and highlight anything that looks interesting within the patterns of the brush. I might do this a few times to get the effect I'm looking for. Thanks for your interest, and great comment!

mattbradbury's picture

Hi James, thanks so much! Most fantasy/sci-fi war art I see as quite a brutal gun-ho feel to it and there's nothing wrong with that, I love painting that sort of thing myself. This time round it was the emotions of war that interested me. Anyway, thanks again my friend.

griffingirl's picture

What program did you use? The textures are REALLY excellent. And I certainly think you succeeded, emotion-wise. Tasty.

somerset's picture

Marvellous emotion, Matt, the kid seems to be afraid or hesitant to go into battle! nicely rendered and beautifully realistic work my friend:)

Art at its best.