N.Y.P.D. Traffic by mattbradbury

N.Y.P.D. Traffic

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 27, 2006
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Drawing inspiration from films like Star Wars, Judge dread and Blade Runner. I tried to make this as realistic as I could, without using reference or photo textures and manipulation. I've nothing against doing either for the purposes of a matte painting but I read in a book that photos and textures would not really improve your painting skills and knowledge of colour and light and that is really what I am trying to learn more about. I hope you like it and of course thanks for visiting!

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mattbradbury's picture

I have a funny feeling I will be doing more work like this in the future. Sci-fi cityscapes are really great fun! Thank you for your comment!

rita's picture

I see the influence of Star Wars - and I must say Matt, it is SOOO VERY GREAT!

pajcin's picture

This is the top of thi thipe of ilustrations.Made another one of this.

mattbradbury's picture

Hi Ken, it does seem like it would be a bit daunting but I had a game plan with this one. Simple sketch, accurate perspective grid, blocking in, colour and lighting, final detail and texturing. It took about five days on and off. It does help a lot when you're working digitally and there were a lot of layers involved. Thanks for your comment my friend and I'm sure you could do it, I know how talented you are!

kenmeyerjr's picture

aieeeeeeee, my mind is being blown by all the detail...stop, Matthew, stop! This painting would kill me if I tried to do it.

mattbradbury's picture

Thank you my friend, I'm really happy you like!

Guest's picture

i just love this.

mattbradbury's picture

Thank you Jan Patrik, it's always great to get a comment from you!!! My first book cover should be published earlier this year and I'm looking forward to getting my copy!!! I'm hoping I'll be doing more, though I doubt I will ever have as many published covers as yourself. You are the master! Smile

patrik's picture

Hi Matthew, this is next creative bomb from your production.

mattbradbury's picture

Marley, thank you so much! I was very lucky this Christmas, my wife gave me the book "d'artiste Matte painting master classes". You can imagine how excited I was! It has some great tutorials.... fortunately for me I know photoshop very well so I had a good idea of what they were talking about. At the moment I'm trying to stay away from using photo's and just concentrating on painting but ultimately I will try to incorporate all the elements and techniques I'm learning. If I can I will post some detail shots! Thanks again Marley for stopping by and leaving such a great comment!

thrax-1's picture

mathew, that is beyond jaw dropping. look at that detail. you'd make a fine matte painter matt^^.good on ya! lighting spectacular!

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