Bloodlust by mattbradbury


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Added: Sep 06, 2007
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monsters are always fun and that was my only motivation for this guy, that and doing something scary. There is often a moment in horror films where the monster comes at you from the darkness. I love these moments, especially if you haven't seen too much of him before. It's like the big reveal! Anyway, hope you like it and thanks for stopping by.

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WHAT IN THE HELL IS THAT!?!? LOL Matt I love your work. I'm just going through all your art and they're amazing pictures. Every piece is different from the next. Keep it up!

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He really looks hungry...

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Very creepy monster indeed. And the impression is reinforced by the lighting contrast between the cold diffuse skylight and the focused warmer spot on the eye. Very dramatic.

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Hi Matt, I sadly don’t find much time browsing Epilogue, but if I do so and find some new stuff from you it’s just like Christmas Smile.
AWESOME piece my friend!!!!!

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Hey Nadine, I see from your gallery you like to go scary to! The clown freaks me out! I blame the movie "IT" I think it has a lot to answer for in that department! Thank you for your comment.

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Hi Malcolm, it really helps to just pick out a small area and then hide the rest in the shadows. There is a lot less to paint that way Wink

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I'm not sure which way I'd go! But I'd probably need a change of underwear! Thank you so much for leaving a comment.

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Thanks Christine, I have been playing around with creating textures that have a more three-dimensional feel to them using custom brushes and layer styles.

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Grrrr!A very scary picture.^_^

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Great work, Matthew. Brilliant textures and atmospheric lighting.

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oh that is just disgustingly freaky!!! help!!!!!!!! (runs away in direction of less scary 28 days later zombies)

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What a great, scary maw! I love anything even vaguely related to vampires, and the is a wonderful spin. Great textures, fabulous fangs!

Art at its best.