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Added: Oct 17, 2007
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Hi everyone,
hope you like this one. It was inspired by this month's imagineFX magazine cover which had the most beautiful fairy on it painted by Melanie Delon. Inside the magazine there was also the work Marta Dahling. Both of these artists do amazing work and to be honest I couldn't choose between the two of them. This fairy of mine is much less evocative in nature than their work as it's just a very plain old portrait but I was sort of pleased with it. A quick word about the blending technique I used just in the interest of sharing. To some it up quickly I did a lot of this working subttractively. Using an overly large soft brush/air brush go over the area you wish to efect with a tonal or colour change, don't worry about the edges at this stage just concentrate on soft and consistent strokes. Then using either the eraser or a layer mask to cutback into the colour, shaping and fading until you have it just right. This leaves you with a very even and consistent blend but can also allow you to control the edges. Anyway, I hope that helps someone. Thanks for stopping by.

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mattbradbury's picture

Thank you Simon. It definitely made a change and although I've seen many better versions of fairies around the galleries I'm fairly pleased with it. Perhaps one day I'll have another go. It's funny, as the necklace wasn't what I was going to paint their. Originally I wanted her hand to be laying across her upper chest. It didn't look right as there was not really the room and I didn't want, or was too lazy to expand the canvas. Cheers my friend.

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It certainly helped doing this. It made painting the lace around her neck and shoulders quite simple. It doesn't work as well for everything but it's always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve I think...... great having you stop by

fantasist's picture

Wonderful piece! So light and beautiful, with such fine detail. Your technique sounds most interesting.

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A very different piece but no less well done. Good work on the lace and the eyes especially. The saturated red stone on the necklace is a nice touch too.

mattbradbury's picture

Hi Bill,

Natasha's work is also fantastic. It's quite a compliment for you to say you thought it might have been one of hers at first. As Rita said it's not what I usually paint and I'm not likely to do anything similar for a while (unless somebody wants to pay me lots of lovely money to do so...LOL) at the time it was something I wanted to do just to see how it would come out. Thank you my friend.

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Thanks Sabra,

I exaggerated the colours a little more than I usually would and played on the contrast between Orange and green. The lighting was as much accident as it was deliberate. I was actually trying to fade out some of the harder edges on her dress and got a little carried away. In the end I felt more glowing light was probably better for this piece than less. Cheers!

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Thanks for your comment Pierre, the spider idea came from an earlier painting "Leila's portrait" I was going to do something like a butterfly or hummingbird similar to what you see in a lot of work of this nature. On the CD that accompanies the magazine there was a free butterfly brush that Marta Dahlig had made and I was very tempted to use it in this painting. At the end of the day I felt much more happy with the spider...... I like spiders!

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Hi Marley,

It's weird we both posted work on the same day, or it was excepted on the same day..... I'm glad you like it my friend, as I do yours.

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Hi Rita,

Fairies, you were so right in saying there not my usual subject. And to be honest, When I'm just painting for fun it's usually the more darker subjects that I go for. One thing I will say was this was much harder to paint! Monsters you can just make up as you go, realistic faces are just so much more difficult. I quite literally looked at hundreds of photos in magazines like Hallo. I ended up spreading a load on the floor and looking at different pieces to try and get this looking right. Most of the time I wouldn't stress so much and often the faces in my paintings are much smaller so you don't need to see the little details. If you look closely at the painting you will notice that both her eyeballs are the same. I was having a lot of trouble trying to get her gaze right so I ended up copying and pasting the iris across just so I could keep moving it about. Anyway, let's just say I have a lot of respect for people like yourself and James who achieve such beautiful results with their portraits. Cheers

rita's picture

Matt, when I saw the pic and your name, at the first moment I wouldnt believe, that you painted a FAIRY Laughing out loud. Not your usual subject - but it is sooo well done. I wish you would do more like that. Her dress is so outstanding - also her face and hair. The little spider is such a nice add.

krumm33's picture

beautiful Smile it looks like you were there and snapped a photo of her.
the colors are so pretty and etheral.

carles's picture

Great piece, Matthew. And I like the spider very much. It is the almost unnoticeable detail that suddenly creates an odd feeling of tension, contrasting with the soft atmosphere. It makes the piece much richer than just a plain fairy portrait. Congratulations. And I too love Melanie Delon's work.

thrax-1's picture

beautifully illusrtrated, matt Smile..I like those artists work, though i find myself cempletely bored of that subject matter..Melanie did do an awesome job of a previous cover..It was a modernization of a classic working..(forgotten its name)....Anyways..the mood and lighting is quite uplifting..Beautiful sunlit green!! That technique sure halps me..very easy to read!!..Gratz on a great piece!, matt....Marley

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