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Followed in the crowd

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Added: Nov 22, 2007
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One of the pieces of art work done for mind storm labs. I had a great time working with these guys!
Hope you like this illustration and as always thanks for looking.

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Because of the logging in problem, which I'm sure will be fixed very soon. I thought I would just leave a quick "thanks guys" for the most recent comments. It's much appreciated. I'm off to try logging in again, I have a couple more which I'm itching to post Wink Cheers!

somerset's picture

Fantastic detail, Matt, your light effects here are superb!

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Grrr, ain't gettin on no plane, fool! Mr T was the first thing I saw. Nice job, and specially like the reflections in the guy's shades

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This is aweseome, has Blade Runner written all over it.

mattbradbury's picture

Hi Pierre, thank you so much for your great comment. With something like this The lighting is all guesswork I'm afraid, I wish I could tell you it wasn't and there was some nice little formula that works everytime. As my old dad said to me once," if it looks right, then it is right" the trick is being objective. I also watch a lot of films, paying attention to how they are lit. Try checking out Craig Mullins's website he is an absolute genius with lighting, and for my money one of the best digital artists in the world.

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Yep,thats Mr T, I didn't think many people would notice him. It was more accident, than design. It wasn't referenced so he is just my best guess from memory. Thank you so much for your comment Constanza Smile

carles's picture

And here comes another amazing light-work ! Smile That's wicked, I don't know how you do that. And to think I still have troubles with two light sources ! Laughing out loud

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Matt, this is a great piece! I love all the planes, how much information there is in here and the glowy lenses!
Is that Mr. T in the ad?

Art at its best.