Black ape capture by mattbradbury

Black ape capture

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Added: Nov 28, 2007
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Hi folks.... This is another illustration done for mindstorm labs. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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Hi Steven, you know, I do understand. Any needless slaughter of wildlife is a difficult thing for me to understand. We seem to live in a world of contradictions, brutality and love rubbing shoulders in every society. It really is beyond me!!!. In the image itself though the apes aren't actually being harmed. The mercenary team is in fact collecting genetic samples and the ape in the foreground is only drug. The guy in the background is defending as the samples are being taken. I don't think the apes are particularly happy but ultimately will be none the worse for the encounter...... thank you for commenting it was good to hear your thoughts, all the best, matt

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couldn't i mean.

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It's a great image, but i get sort of bitter taste in my mouth seeing it. I can't help but link it to the systematic killing of gorillas by rebel soldiers in Africa. Sorry but i could help menioning this.

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Uwe, that is an unbelievable complement coming from yourself. Seriously though, what could I teach you? Actually, you made my wife laugh as she knows your work very well. Often when we are talking about your work, words like awesome, spectacular and incredible | often used with my wife saying something like "why can't you paint something like that" to which I reply "I wish it was that easy". Perhaps one day when I win the lottery and by that huge house on top of the hill we could all meet up. Lots of artists from epilogue altogether, swapping stories and techniques until the early hours. Now that would be something! Cheers my friend, and have a great Christmas.

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Speechless, please be my teacher!

Art at its best.