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Added: Dec 16, 2007
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Demon card art for cryptic comet.... I have recently been inspired to be a little more painterly in style. I tried quite hard and really wanted this to look like oils. There are a few rough edges that I have left but hopefully this adds to the image rather than diminish it. Thank you so much for your visit

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Thank you Uwe, you and Simon Dominic are among the artists I respect the most for the integrity of their work. You guys paint! There are so many shortcuts you can use working digitally, brushes and textures to create different effects, which I use a lot of in my normal style. I've come to appreciate and in a lot of ways resurrect the painter in me, still working digitally of course but trying harder to explore the fundamental skills are painting well. I feel your comment is a little kind as I know I have a long way to go and much to learn before I really understand what I'm doing and trying to achieve by this. It's all about trying to grow a little in myself, as an artist. I seldom make much sense in my writing LOL! but I know you understand what I mean Smile

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oh yeah! Go go with this painterly style! This has life and movement like I could study his frightning nature just with one look. Excellent colours and light, you're so good with those =)

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WOW!!!! Way to go my friend, this is brilliant, this painterly style adds a lot of power to your fabulous work. Impressive!!!!

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Thank you Nathan, I'm still finding my feet a little with this style... I will certainly try it again on the next Demon card! Cheers mate!

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Thank you so much for your kind words

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Thank you Malcolm, in my opinion, I think this sort of subject always works well with a more painterly approach. It's not quite what I normally do, so I'm very happy you like it.

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Thank you so much Rita Smile

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Would like to see more of this style. You are so good at refined work but it is nice to see you start to loosen up, seems to lend alot of power to your work.

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La Llarona gets a mate. Nice style, the head, as you have rendered it, is especially frightening.

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Very impressive, Matt. You succeed in giving the painterly quality, with rich colours and textures, and your usual excellent lighting.

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You succeded! Looks great!

Art at its best.