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Added: Aug 29, 2004
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In the future jets will be obsolete and only a few are left. Troy is a fighter pilot in the US Marine Corps in the year 2022. All hope is lost and this lone pilot is forced to bring out his ancient F16 to save the day.

Based on a role-playing storyline that is currently being worked on. Not the best description, but hopefully it'll do for now.

Done fully in PhotoShop.

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In a way it resembles a picture taken, and smudged a bit.. But who am I to judge, if you did draw this, then good job, but if you didn't.. Nevermind.

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when are you going to post the stuff you did of Jason?

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accusing assumptions make people look foolish.

very nice picture. I like it a lot. Well done. ^_^

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Assumptions with no evidence, especially ones that deny someone's talent, are inconsiderate and childlike.

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in her defence if it is all built off of a photo which agree more than likely it is, but that helmet is not one that to the best of my knowledge is not in current use, particularly not in jet fighters which the cockpit in the background obviously belongs to, though not the cockpit of an f-16 as the pilot is supposed to be flying.
speaking of which it might be a good idea to research which fighter aircraft are in service with what branches of us armed forces. the f-16 is only flown by the airforce with the exception of the f-16n which is a unarmed aggressor used by the navy. hte marine corps does not fly the f-16, theye fly the f-18 hornet and f-14 tomcat. doy yorself a favor and do your homework. also you might want to note that your pilot needs a facemask unl;ess he has no plans of ever taking his bird much past 20,000' as a piece of art i rather like it as its obviously not just a filter laiden photo as some obviously are trying to criticize it as.

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Photoshop can be a very powerful tool for digital painting. It can also be very tempting to use some of the filters to create something that looks painted. This image is obviously something that was painted over. Using the color picker and an airbrush or other brush tool, yes possibly even the smudge tool.

On the other hand an exercise like this can be a good learning experience to get the feel of the program and how shapes, colour and lighting relate to each other. But don't make it seem like it is an original.

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this is just a photo that has been smudged up! Bloody Cheek!!

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I'm totally blown away by this.....i'm a fan!

Art at its best.