The Man With Something Wrong by kirkalberts

The Man With Something Wrong

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Added: Sep 20, 2004
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I was shocked at the anonymous comment posted on 20/09/04....Not liking your work is one thing but spewing out vitriol is another. This person needs to look within themselves ! I suspect they might see something very much like "the man with something wrong ". I thought this was a great piece. It caught my eye immediately and I felt quite disturbed and simultaneously curious and repelled. I thought you manipulated the image beautifully to create this haunting,despairing *wrongness*.Impressive ! (take care ! from Cassandra. I hate being anonymous ! )

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This has a rawness to it. To me it's like watching the movie saw. I think this is well done my self.

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First post guy is a moron

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whew...thanks for the compliment and coming to my defense. I really appreciate it.

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Your first critic has too much time on their hands and no taste as far as I can see. I've enjoyed all of your pieces here, but I wouldn't have checked them out were this one not visible in the gallery. It drew me. Very bleak and full of despair.

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I don't think its boring at all. It has a very frightening psychological element to it. And as far as creativity goes, this is not bad at all.

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Thank you for the critique. I'm still experimenting with different techniques and this one happens to be a scanned and manipulated sketch. Perhaps it doesn't work. However, the editors of the publication for which the piece is appearing in liked it enough to give it a standalone appearence, so I guess someone liked it.
Thanks again.

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Weak Flat Boring. No depth. Poor attempt at photomanipulation. You need to try doing some figurative line drawings on paper to get some creativity going or something. your art is cliche' and there are far better versions of your style (or lack of it) on this site

Art at its best.