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Added: Sep 06, 2004
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Two lovers set apart by the God's enviousy, who trapped the boy for eternity in the misty forest. Lead by delusive hope, the girl begged the Gods to let her into the forest to find her beloved. For the girl's sadness and desperair were so overwhelming, the Royal Spirits agreed.
Without sleep or rest she has been searching for him throughout day and night.
Soon, as the months passed by, out of loneliness and obsession, the girl began to lose her mind. She is now speaking with trees and flowers, hearing her lover's voice in the nightingale's song, seeing his shape in blades of grass.
Her once great love turned into hatred, as in her madness, she has blamed the boy for the whole misery she was going through. She is now therefore hunting him, seeking revenge for her disastrous fate.

I'm searching for you - where are you my dear?
Is it your warmth I felt in the wind's morning breath?
And if this riven thunder was your cry of fear,
Was it me you were calling in the face of death?

I'm waiting for you - where are you my dear?
I loved you so badly you tore me apart!
But did you see my bitter tears,
when with starlit madness you have crowned my heart?

I cannot find you - where are you my dear?
You whipped me with sin and shattered my skies!
But my entity's rememberance will find you here,
and rusted cry will burn in your stoppered ears
Howling lullabies

So uhm yeah, I present my newest work
It took me a long long time to finish, but at the end I am very proud of it. You will also be able to buy a printout of it (as well as some otherartworks)

Technical info: ~50hrs for the drawing process, ~3hours for the poem&story, bg is mainly manipulated (using custom textures as well) ^_^

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amazon27's picture

Do you do portaits? And is so how much?

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This is an amazing peice of art. I love it. It looks so real!

patrikmuhr's picture

impressing work you make....

rita's picture

Almost unbelievable that this is a painting - so great! love the light - and of course herself and that smashing dress Smile

kizalon's picture

Amazing, such a perfect creature. I love the similarity between the bird's tail and her hair Laughing out loud

Guest's picture

Your are very poetic too!

Guest's picture

truly amazing! this woman seems so realistic as if you kidnapped her and shoved her into the paper! (what has the world come to kidnapping people for paintings!?!?) :)~
Another thing though nature has blessed you with an amazing gift, your 0 how incredible! I hoped you get to

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tien? elle me fais pensé a une actrice dans la série les aventure de sinbad...^^ elle est super belle;)

Guest's picture

Nie ma takiej rzeczy ktora by mi sie nie podobala. Brawo!

Guest's picture

i like it

Guest's picture

Por fin una artista que hace que me enamore de un cuadro, belleza y sentimiento puro se unen en unos trazos perfectos

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Nice Photo work , this is genuine retouch at its best.

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Beautiful work. Her dress is lovely

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May I ask about the name of this picture? Kohtalo. Why? I suppose you knew that it means "Destiny" in Finnish. The work is amazing, couldn't do it better

Guest's picture

this is absolutely beautiful

Guest's picture

Wow. Marta, my dear, truly, your future is bright. I adore your work. Again,wow. Thanks for the enrichment. Love ya.

angrymikko's picture

the folds look photorealistic and the colours have a really magical feel in the the mystic look in her eyes fits this perfectly too

Guest's picture

It looks so real

sdavis123061's picture

I think this is very good. I tend to disagree with Ville's comment about the lighting. I don't feel its that much of a difference to distract from the overall image. Also, she is in the foreground and the two large trees to each side are somewhat behind her, so who is to say there isn't another tree to the right (out of the picture) that she is in front of but is between the light source and those trees just behind her? Just a thought. Anyway, I think it's a beautiful painting. Well done Marta.

varian's picture

How wonderful you are at Epi, too! I've always liked this one. So pensive and romantic. The hair and dress are especially fantastic work.

ville's picture

Kohtalo. An interesting name for a polish artist to choose.

On a more technical note the lighting of the character is quite a bit off from the lights of the forest. As a remedy I recommend doing the background and the characters together, I used to do them separately myself and often found problems with my light directions and colours.

Overall it's a very lovely piece, I especially like how the girl's hair and the bird's feathers look alike. A surprising detail.

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I love your attention to detail on the satin material of the dress, and the flowers at the bottom look amazing. Well done, its beautiful.

Guest's picture

She looks like Angelina Jolie Smile Its great image i love it.. good job

Guest's picture

Lovely details & composition! Welcome to Epilogue Wink

Art at its best.