SEA CREATURES I by connett


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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 27, 2004
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Acrylic on Canvas. Original is 6” X 6”. Painted in September 2004

A loose free thinking outpouring of creatures as they appeared to me. Fast and spontaneous, done in a trance with a small smile on my face, this is the kind of painting I love to do. Completely unthought-out, with no meaning, no cryptic cynical statements about our crumbling society or whining tirade about the injustice of life. No lashing out at the world, instead, creating a new one! … A tiny window into a world of creatures that swim freely in a sea of my creation. Oh, if only I could climb out of this other world I’m trapped in, full of so much crap I’m choking to death, and go swimming as one of these fish!

This is the kind of painting you can look at when the world around you is a screaming cacophony of stress, and be slightly soothed.

This is the first of a series of these, (or so I hope). I’m going to see what else lives in this sea.

As of now this little piece is on eBay cheap. I’m seller vmaximus. (If I’m not supposed to say this here, please someone tell me, because I can not see anywhere in the agreements that I can’t –thanks! Smile

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