Prince Zill and the Sewer Snake... by grimamentia

Prince Zill and the Sewer Snake...

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 10, 2004
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Prince Zill has a very...shall we say, *strained* relationship with his younger sister, an extremely talented and ambitious necromancer whose greatest wish is to remove him from this plane of exisistence in a horribly messy fashion. You see, although Zill is the seventeenth Haze to take the throne of Quixotia, he lacks the spell-casting talent of his ancestors. In fact, he has no magical ability whatsoever. The boy can't even harness enough energy to wilt a daisy, and his powers of concentration are nonexistent. Xandria, his sister, feels cheated that her doofus of a brother is set to inherit the throne. So, like any borderline-psychotic abuser of the dark arts, she's decided to knock him off. Nobody really cares about all of this, because pretty much every other Quixotian faerie wants to see him dead too. The boy's a menace...who loves children, animals, and walks in the forest. Unlike most of his kind, Zill's a very caring, kind individual, with a strong (although somewhat warped) sense of justice. He wouldn't make that bad of king really, but he's just not ruthless enough to hang onto the throne.

Anyways, this pic is a page from my comic. 27 I think, or whereabouts of. Right now he's telling the story of when his sister set a sewer snake loose on him. Such fond memories.

(10-10-04- Pen and ink. 10 hrs.)

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