The ascend by henning

The ascend

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Added: Sep 28, 2004
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I really want to warn about painting hair like this, waaay to time consuming Smile

Following are some really nice words written specially for this picture by Alinta Brown, which I think describes this picture really well:

"It wasn't fair, but then it never was. Her duty was to be the bridge, the gap taker, the soul bringer. As the day shone crystal bright around her, she leaned down and placed gentle hands on the child's mind. Sadness bleek and unfathomably clothed her but with it the calm acceptance and slight joy knowing this child, one of many, would find comfort in her presence. Stars flashed, silver motes danced, and the soul was released to the sky. No, it wasn't fair, but then it never will be."

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Hi there!
I got that questions a couple of times, hehe... No, I didn't look at Bullock when painting this. -Henning

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Was she modeled after Sandra Bullock?

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Goshhhh I love the fine details esp the hair... no wonder you felt it was time comsuming... You did a fantastic job with this piece and it most difinately shows.... Way To Go !! Excellent Creation.

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This picture is so lively. Between this and "Mistress and Servant" they are both really well done, but this one stands out so much more. The expression between her and the coloring of this image is just so pleasing. Overall just makes you want to see more of it.

henning's picture

Thanks for taking your time to visit my gallery, and for commenting, Katri! Much appreciated... Smile

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I have looked over your work before, but haven't posted anything much; I couldn't help comment

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THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

henning's picture

Thank you! The hair was a pain the arse to draw, though... Wink

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Great! Beautyful Woman, beautyful light, wonderful hair and a superb degree of a mixture of authenticity and dreamy fantasy... very impressive dude

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Thanks alot Laughing out loud

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oh my god this is really good!!!!!

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i really like this it the best i have seen all throw what ilooked threw at this time a great way to show your feelings

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i love this painting its very good it's great.

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OH....MY...GOD!!!!!!!!This is positivly and uttterly beautiful!!!!!!!!!Her skin is lovely like a model's.And she looks real.but those faethers on her head are my fave part about it!!!!

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I love your work,

henning's picture

Thanks, Tascha! Smile ...and thank you for telling me about this place.

henning's picture

Hi Marie! Thank you so much! I feel very welcome!

gyrfalcontg's picture

Henning this is simply gorgeous... the lighting and skin quality. I am enjoying all your work, but this one is definitely my fave. Welcome to Epilogue! Laughing out loud

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Lovely. I really like the tones of her skin and the shimmer in the fabric. Beautifully done. Thank you for sharing.

henning's picture

Thank you Rita! Well, the hair almost killed me, hehe, but I think it turned out allright. I like mixing all kinds of colors into "skin colors" makes the whole impression of the picture appear more alive, I guess Smile

rita's picture

But the hair is so nice done - was worth to do Smile Wonderful skin-tones!

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Welcome to Epi, Asvos Smile
I am happy you could make it. You will enjoy it here I can tell.

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This is your best picture yet!

sdavis123061's picture

Beautiful work Henning. I echo Christine's comments.

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Holy Hannah, this is gorgeous! I'm so jealous....your skills are MAD!

Art at its best.